Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh (2023)

Pittsburgh, a city with a rich history and famous sports teams, is also renowned for its diverse culinary scene. However, just like any other city, Pittsburgh has some areas that are best avoided due to safety concerns. The majority of these neighborhoods are situated on the north side of the city, although there are a few exceptions. If you want to stay safe during your visit to Pittsburgh, keep reading to find out which areas to avoid.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

1. Strip District

The Strip District, located just outside downtown Pittsburgh, is known to be the most dangerous neighborhood in the city. It is home to a population of 714 and has a total crime rate of 14,961 per 100,000, which is a staggering 538% higher than the national average. The neighborhood has a high incidence of violent crime, and the murder rate is significantly higher than the state average in Pennsylvania. Other criminal activities that are prevalent in the area include drug-related offenses, auto theft, and petty crimes.

2. Crawford Roberts

The Crawford Roberts neighborhood in Pittsburgh is considered to be one of the most perilous areas in the city. Located in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, it is home to approximately 2,259 residents. The crime rate in this neighborhood is a staggering 332% higher than the national average, which makes it imperative for both residents and visitors to remain vigilant at all times. Crawford Roberts is notorious for violent crimes such as murder, assault, and robberies. Moreover, property crime is also prevalent in this area, with car thefts and personal theft being the most commonly reported incidents. As a precaution, locals are advised not to leave their belongings unattended in their vehicles.

3. Northview Heights

Northview Heights, situated in north Pittsburgh, is recognized as one of the most perilous neighborhoods in the city. This public housing project is infamous for its soaring crime rate, despite just having a population of 1,325. Shockingly, the crime rate in Northview Heights is 267% higher than the national average. A considerable number of residents here live below the poverty line, with a median income of only $12,742. The neighborhood is plagued by violent crimes, including gang activity, drug trafficking, and frequent property thefts.

Located on Pittsburgh’s north side, Troy Hill is a working-class neighborhood with a population of 1,482. This area is known for its popular art exhibit, La Hutte Royal. However, Troy Hill’s high crime rate of 7,277 per 100,000 is 258% higher than the Pennsylvania state average. Despite this, the median household income in Troy Hill is $58,700.

5. Spring Hill-City View Neighborhood

Spring Hill City View, situated close to Northview Heights, offers stunning skyline views of Pittsburgh and is a popular spot for local photographers. However, it’s important to note that the area has a significantly higher crime rate of 216% than the Pennsylvania state average. Sadly, Spring Hill-City View experiences a high rate of property crimes, although violent crimes like assaults and homicides do occur occasionally.

Located west of downtown Pittsburgh, Middle Hill is known to be one of the most violent neighborhoods in the city. Despite being a cultural and musical hub for Pittsburgh, this neighborhood has a high crime rate, 207% higher than the national average, with a population of 2,062. Unfortunately, property crime remains a significant concern in Middle Hill, with theft, break-ins, and car theft being common occurrences. Additionally, drug trafficking is a regular problem in this neighborhood.

6. California-Kirkbride

Located in Pittsburgh’s north side, the California-Kirkbride neighborhood is a charming community home to a population of only 707 individuals. This historic neighborhood boasts a plethora of architecturally significant buildings, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately, California-Kirkbride is also known for its high crime rate, which is 203% higher than the Pennsylvania state average. Assault, burglary, car theft, and drug trafficking are unfortunately common crimes in this area.

8. East Allegheny 

Located on the north side of Pittsburgh, East Allegheny is a neighborhood with a population of 1,325. Unfortunately, it also has a high crime rate of 3,578 per 100,000, which is 76% higher than the average rate in Pennsylvania. Although East Allegheny may not be the most dangerous area in the city, it still experiences violent crimes such as assault, muggings, and even homicides from time to time. However, in spite of the high crime rate, this neighborhood still boasts some of the city’s oldest buildings and historical landmarks.

9. Allentown

Allentown is one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. This perilous locality, situated in the south of downtown, has a population of 2,342. Allentown has been grappling with crime-related issues for a long time. However, recent revitalization initiatives have somewhat curbed the problem. Despite that, the total crime rate in Allentown is 31% higher than the state average at 2,670 per 100,000 people. Although the neighborhood does witness violent crime, property-related crimes are the primary concern here.

10. East Hills

East Hills is situated on the eastern side of Pittsburgh and is home to about 2,683 residents. It is a working-class neighborhood with a median home value of $67,138. The area is mainly affected by theft and property crime, but there have been instances of violent crimes such as assault, robbery, and even homicide.

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