12-year-old Hostage Freed By Hamas Terrorists Claims He Was Told Israel Had Been Destroyed

Wagswoofs – A 12-year-old boy, who was released from Hamas captivity at the end of last month, has revealed that the terrorists falsely informed him that Israel had been destroyed in the attack on October 7th. Furthermore, they also deceived him by falsely claiming that his mother was being held hostage.

During his captivity in Gaza for over a month, Eitan Yahalomi shared his experience of not knowing the fate of his family. The terrorists had deceived him by falsely claiming that his mother, who was in Israel at the time, was also being held captive in Gaza.

In an interview with Ynet News, he expressed his longing for the opportunity to be reunited with his loved one, saying, “There were times when they would promise to take me to be with her, and it gave me hope.”

“I couldn’t help but imagine what might have happened to my family, and I desperately tried to communicate with them silently in my mind. The fear of something terrible befalling them consumed me.”

Eitan recounted how the terrorists had asserted that the kibbutz had ceased to exist and that the state of Israel was no longer in existence.

As the motorcycle carrying his mother and two younger sisters approached the Gaza Strip, it unexpectedly encountered an Israeli tank. This unexpected encounter caused the captors to hastily flee, allowing the mother and her children to escape back into Israel.

Ohad, Eitan’s father, was injured in the attack and is still being held captive.


The young boy shared his experiences of enduring unimaginable hardships for more than a month.

Eitan confessed, “That experience was absolutely terrifying.”

“When I first arrived, they kept me in solitary confinement,” he recalled, expressing his distress.

Yahalomi shared that he spent most of his time sitting on the bed, with a guard closely monitoring his every move. The only time he was allowed to get up was when he needed to use the bathroom.

He had the privilege of listening to a radio, and he mentioned that “it was a pleasant experience to hear things in Hebrew.”


Eitan mentioned that he was eventually relocated to a different area where he found himself amongst other hostages. During this time, he had the opportunity to reunite with a close friend from the kibbutz.

They kept themselves entertained by utilizing the few resources they had to create cards and engage in drawing activities.

Eitan maintained a journal where he depicted the days when he was relocated to another room as “special days.”

According to him, there were instances where he had to wait for as long as six to seven hours before being served a meal. The meals, consisting of pita bread and a pickle or rice, were often described as “disgusting.”


Eitan’s aunt, Deborah Cohen, has previously revealed that he was subjected to the distressing experience of watching graphic footage depicting the massacres carried out by Hamas in Israel.

Eitan expressed his skepticism when the terrorists informed him of his release date on November 26th. He admitted that he had doubts about whether it would actually come to fruition.

When he arrived home the following day, he was informed that his mother was waiting for him, which was when he discovered that she had not been taken hostage.


Eitan expresses his current concerns regarding his father.

While in captivity, he could hear the explosions from bombs falling as the Israel Defense Forces launched its offensive.

“It was incredibly frightening,” expressed Eitan. “I can’t help but wonder if Dad can hear them too, and that must be equally terrifying for him.”

Currently, there are 129 hostages remaining in the Gaza Strip, although it is uncertain if all of them are still alive.

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