$1200 Monthly Stimulus Checks – Surprising News for Low Income Seniors on SSA, SSI and SSDI

Many Americans remain concerned about receiving their $1,200 stimulus payments from the CARES Act passed in March 2023. While those checks aren’t actively being distributed anymore, other forms of financial aid are available for those in need.

Eligibility and Resources:

  • Low-income seniors: While $1,200 monthly checks specifically for low-income seniors on SSA, SSDI, or SSI aren’t available, several states offer tax rebates, credits, and other monthly assistance programs. Refer to your state’s Department of Revenue website for details.
  • Social Security recipients: Automatic payments have been made for eligible Social Security beneficiaries, including retirees, survivors, and individuals receiving SSI or disability benefits. If you haven’t filed taxes in the past two years, check the IRS website to claim your payment.
  • Non-filers: If you haven’t filed taxes in the past two years and are eligible for the stimulus, use the IRS “non-filer” tool to claim your payment. Provide direct deposit information to expedite the process.

Important Clarifications:

  • $248/Day Checks, $440 Monthly Social Security Increase, $1415 Stimulus Checks, $1312 Stimulus Checks in 24 Hours: These claims are false and potentially misleading. Please rely on official government sources for accurate information.
  • $1,200 Stimulus Checks Returning: While the CARES Act stimulus payments are not being actively distributed, other forms of financial assistance exist at the state and federal levels. These often come in the form of tax rebates, credits, and ongoing support programs, not recurring stimulus checks.


While the initial round of stimulus checks under the CARES Act has concluded, various resources and ongoing assistance programs are available. Utilize trusted sources like your state’s Department of Revenue and the IRS website to identify available benefits and ensure you receive the support you deserve.

Source: matricbseb.com

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