2 Missouri Residents Face Charges In The Murder Of A Missing Iowa Man

Wagswoofs – Heather McClendon, aged 41, and Kyle Sebree, aged 32, have been charged in Shannon County for their alleged involvement in the shooting and killing of an Iowa man in November. McClendon is facing charges of first-degree murder and interfering with physical evidence, while Sebree is facing charges of first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol received a call from the sheriff’s office in Iowa on December 6, reporting a missing person from Iowa who had disappeared in Missouri on November 23. They identified the individual as Shawn Kiger, a 31-year-old resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Kiger’s lover contacted the Winona, Missouri, Police Department to report his disappearance. According to Kiger’s girlfriend, he was last seen in Winona on November 21. Iowa police discovered Kiger’s deserted car in a remote area of the state, leading them to believe that he had traveled to Missouri with another individual.

Iowa police recently interviewed a man who accompanied Kiger on his trip to Missouri on December 5th. According to the man, he and Kiger were introduced through mutual friends. During their conversation, Kiger mentioned his intention to purchase a gun for his wife’s protection. Interestingly, the man also mentioned his familiarity with Kyle Sebree, who apparently used Snapchat to advertise gun sales.

The man and Kiger reportedly arrived in Winona early on November 21 to meet with Sebree. Upon their arrival at Sebree’s residence, they encountered an individual named “Alex.”

He spent the day with them, driving Kiger’s truck while Kiger and the other man rode along. Afterwards, he took the truck to two different homes to purchase drugs, one owned by a woman and the other by someone else. The individual informed the police that Kiger and Sebree had consumed methamphetamine earlier that day.

Police say that Sebree, “Alex,” Kiger, and the other man drove to a wooded area in the evening of November 21. While they were riding through the woods, he told Kiger to get in the bed of his own truck. Sebree and “Alex” took Kiger out of the truck that night and tied him up. The man then saw Sebree shoot Kiger in the back of the head.

The man told the police that Sebree and “Alex” left Kiger’s body in the woods after getting back in the truck. Someone stole Kiger’s truck, and they drove back to Iowa the next day.

Kiger’s body was found on December 14 in an open area off of E Highway, according to investigators. It took about 15 minutes to get here from Winona. Police from the Missouri State Highway Patrol then asked for two search orders. The cops say that Sebree’s house was the first one that was searched. At Kiger’s house, the cops found the tools that were used to bind and kill him.

The second place that was searched was Heather McClendon’s house. The woman told the cops that the four men came to her house on November 21. He told her that he killed Kiger, so she told the cops. The woman he gave the gun to didn’t want it back, but he did. The woman told the cops that Sebree took her gun from her bag and used her own gun.

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