32 Aged Suspect Charged in Fatal Stabbing of Advocate in Brooklyn

Early Monday in the Brooklyn borough, a man was fatally stabbed, and the incident was captured on surveillance video. The New York City police have taken a suspect into custody.

According to the authorities, Ryan Carson, a 32-year-old resident of Brooklyn, met his untimely demise in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area on Monday at around 4 a.m.

The NYPD released an image of the suspect wanted in connection with a fatal stabbing in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday.

Upon arrival, the authorities discovered that he had suffered from several stab wounds to his chest. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but was unfortunately declared dead upon arrival.

Police announced on Thursday morning that they have made an arrest in connection with his death. The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Bryan Dowling of Brooklyn, has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

During a media briefing on Wednesday, Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny of the New York Police Department revealed that they have obtained crucial information about a possible suspect. The investigators are currently working towards establishing probable cause to make an arrest.

In the security footage acquired by NBC New York, Carson can be seen donning a suit as he confronts a man who seems to be carrying a knife in his right hand.

The man was addressed by Carson with a calming tone as he said, “Chill, chill, chill.”

Ryan Carson, right, in a security video moments before he was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend.via NBC New York

The man swings at Carson’s face, causing Carson to flee before tripping and falling over a bus bench. According to the video, the attacker stabs Carson multiple times at this point.

According to NBC New York, the violence was witnessed by Carson’s girlfriend. The couple had attended a wedding and were waiting for a bus at the time.

According to its website, the nonprofit organization New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) focuses on launching public education campaigns to strengthen democracy. Carson was a former employee of NYPIRG.

Ryan Carson advocates for more safe injection sites in a video for NO OD NY

The nonprofit group released a statement concerning Carson’s death, stating that he was a campaign organizer for many years and was killed in a random street encounter near his home.

“His engaging personality, hearty laugh and wide-ranging intelligence were keys to his success in advancing the causes he deeply cared about in his work and personal life,” the statement said.

It was not possible to get in touch with Carson’s family members for a comment on Wednesday afternoon.

Expressing his condolences, Mayor Eric Adams referred to the case as “incredibly tragic” and extended his gratitude to the NYPD.

On social media platform X, Adams issued a statement expressing that this arrest marks a significant milestone in the fight for justice for Ryan’s loved ones and friends. He further emphasized that violence of this nature must not be tolerated on our streets. Adams concluded his statement by urging the community to continue praying for Ryan’s family and loved ones.

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