6 indicted for murder-for-hire in Mobile nightclub, Mississippi casino shootings killed 2

According to court documents, six individuals are currently facing federal charges for their involvement in murder-for-hire schemes that resulted in the deaths of two people and injuries to multiple others at two nightclubs in Mobile and a casino in Gulf Coast Mississippi.

According to records, the six individuals, namely John Fitzgerald McCarroll, Reginald Dennis Alan Fluker, Darrius Dwayne Rowser, Karmelo Cortez Morris Derks, Jimaurice Pierce, and Lyteria Isheeia Hollis, were charged under seal on Sunday as they were not yet arrested during the time of indictment.

The court case was made public on Tuesday as it was unsealed from its previous confidential status.

The recent indictment filed in federal court in Mobile did not divulge any specific information about the incidents. The victims were only identified by their initials. As per the indictment, a total of four people were injured and two people lost their lives in Alabama and Mississippi in relation to the alleged conspiracy.

According to a report by Fox 10, the charges filed against McCarroll are related to the shootings that occurred at Bank Nightclub and Paparazzi Club in Mobile, as well as the Scarlet Pearl Casino in D’Iberville, Mississippi. Law enforcement officials have identified McCarroll as the mastermind behind these incidents.

On September 18, 2022, Derek Shavers lost his life in a fatal shooting incident that took place at Bank Nightclub. Similarly, in November, four people suffered injuries in another shooting incident that occurred at Paparazzi Club, with one of them being in a critical condition.

In September 2022, Nicholaus “Nick” Craig, originally from Mobile but residing in California at the time of his passing, was tragically shot while sitting in his car in the parking lot of the Scarlet Pearl casino in D’Iberville.

According to a report by WLOX, Craig and his girlfriend made a pit stop at the casino before heading to Mobile to celebrate his birthday with his family. Tragically, Craig was later shot and killed at the Scarlet Pearl.

Derks, Pierce, and Rowser were already facing state charges for their involvement in the Mobile Walmart shooting that took place in December, resulting in two people getting injured.

McCarroll and Rowser, who were previously charged by Mobile police, are two of the defendants in connection with the November shooting at the Paparazzi Club.

On Sunday, McCarroll, Fluker, Rowser, Pierce, and Hollis were indicted by the federal authorities for conspiring to commit murder-for-hire.

According to prosecutors, McCarroll and Fluker are also being charged with murder-for-hire, which resulted in the death of an individual with the same initials as those listed in the conspiracy charge.

According to the indictment, Rowser and Derks were accused of conspiring to commit carjacking and transporting a stolen vehicle across state lines. The stolen vehicle in question was a blue 2010 Nissan Altima that was driven from Mobile to D’Iberville, Mississippi.

The incident that left four people injured led to murder-for-hire charges against McCarroll and Rowser.

According to Fox 10, McCarroll’s girlfriend, Hollis, along with McCarroll himself, were charged with obstruction and witness tampering.

As for Pierce, he was recently accused of possessing an unregistered firearm and illegally having a machine gun, specifically a “Glock switch.”

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