A 17-year-old Florida City teen dies as a vehicle crashes into a home during a police chase

The Miami-Dade Police Department reported that a rented car was driven into a home by a 17-year-old driver after a police chase in Florida City on Thursday afternoon, resulting in the driver’s death.

At around 3 p.m., authorities of Miami-Dade County rushed to the River Oaks townhome development, situated in close proximity to Southwest 336th Street and 180th Avenue, following a rollover incident.

The motorist was confronted by an officer from the MDPD Robbery Intervention Detail (RID) at a nearby gas station regarding a traffic violation, as per the investigation.

Police reported that the driver hastily shut the door of his black Mercedes as the detectives got closer, causing one officer’s hand to get caught in the door before he sped away from the location. Another RID officer made an effort to halt the vehicle.

Authorities report that the vehicle lost control and crashed onto the grass outside of a house when the driver attempted a U-turn. The car then rolled multiple times before colliding with the wall of the residence.

The driver was declared dead on the spot.

Authorities reported that as the car somersaulted in mid-air, a firearm equipped with a high-capacity magazine was ejected out of the window, resulting in bullets scattering all over.

During a news conference, Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta emphasized the significance of the loss of a 17-year-old’s life. He highlighted the fact that the teenager had put himself and others in danger by fleeing, regardless of the reason behind it.

From above, Sky 10 captured footage of a police officer keeping guard near a firearm that was situated about half a block away from the house.

According to a statement by Zabaleta, the pistol recovered from the scene was determined to have been ejected from the vehicle during the crash. It was also revealed that the pistol had been reported stolen from Northeast Miami-Dade.

The authorities have uncovered a connection between the suspect’s black Mercedes and a vehicle rental company. To respect the privacy of the deceased driver’s relatives, law enforcement officials have withheld the identity of the driver from the public.

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