The driver of a semi-truck carryiA Semi-truck Carrying Baby Pigs Was Found Abandoned On An Iowa Highway. Two Weeks Later, The Driver Is Still Missingng baby pigs remains missing after the vehicle was discovered abandoned on an Iowa highway.

Wagswoofs – Search teams in Iowa are regrouping as they continue their search for a missing semi-truck driver. The driver’s truck was discovered abandoned on the highway, and to everyone’s surprise, it was still filled with the adorable baby pigs he was transporting.

David Schultz, a loving husband and devoted father, went missing on November 21. This unfortunate event took place outside Sac City in northwest Iowa. Since then, a massive search effort has been underway to find the trucker. Hundreds of people have tirelessly combed through an expansive area of over 100,000 acres of adjacent land in hopes of locating him.

According to his wife, Sarah, David would never leave as his family is his life. This behavior is out of character for him.

Schultz’s wallet and phone were discovered inside the truck, while his jacket was found nearby, as reported by KKTV. Despite being turned off, the truck was not parked on the side of the road, as stated by the Sioux City Journal.

To add to the intrigue, the car was found just under 10 miles away from its intended destination, but rather curiously, it was facing north instead of south as it should have been.

Over 250 individuals have joined the search efforts, yet Schultz remains missing without any trace. The United Cajun Navy, a nonprofit organization that coordinates search groups, has now assumed control of the recovery operations, as reported by KKTV.

The United Cajun Navy has announced on Facebook that the rescue operations are temporarily on hold as the searchers are taking a moment to strategize their next steps.

Law enforcement is still investigating the incident.

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