A Wisconsin Man Was Wrongfully Detained And Tasered By Police. He Might Be Sentenced To 9 Months In Prison For Resisting Arrest

Wagswoofs – Last month, police mistakenly arrested a 33-year-old man from Wisconsin. According to reports, he resisted the arrest and as a result, the police had to use a taser to apprehend him. He is now facing charges of resisting arrest.

According to a criminal complaint filed on December 11 and obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sean Star may potentially be sentenced to nine months in prison and be required to pay a fine of $10,000 if found guilty of the charge.

On November 3rd, Star and his partner Carla Jones had just finished unloading couches into their new townhouse. As they were about to leave the street, they got back into their truck, recounting the incident to the outlet.

Officers from the Brookfield Police Department arrived on the same street to search for a man named Christopher Bratz. They were responding to a report of physical child abuse involving Bratz, according to the complaint.

According to the officers, they were given information that Braatz was in possession of a knife. They observed a Chevy Silverado leaving the vicinity of Braatz’s residence and mistakenly believed it was Braatz. However, it turned out to be Star. Within approximately a minute and a half, the officers swiftly transitioned from seeing Star driving his vehicle to apprehending him on the ground with the assistance of three officers.

Lieutenant Karl Turek confessed to Jones in the police body camera footage that the man they had apprehended bore an uncanny resemblance to the individual they were searching for.

According to Turek, if he had just stepped out of the situation and cooperated with us, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel, Star expressed his deep trauma caused by the situation.

Star expressed their frustration with the situation, stating, “I simply arrived at an unfortunate location during an unfortunate time. The officers, however, seem eager to dismiss this fact while simultaneously defending their actions. This is a disheartening and disgraceful approach to upholding the law.”

According to William F. Sulton, an attorney from the Sulton Law Firm, he believes that the video recorded by Jones’ cellphone clearly demonstrates that Star did not resist arrest. Sulton describes the footage as “disturbing and indicative of illegal behavior by the police.”

Sulton expressed his confusion regarding the absence of an apology to the man.

According to the Sentinel, Star will make his first appearance in Waukesha County Court on the morning of December 28th.

Jones established a GoFundMe campaign “out of sheer desperation” to handle the costs of legal fees and medical expenses resulting from Star’s trip to the emergency room following the incident. Additionally, the family of five has expressed their desire to relocate.

In the description of the GoFundMe page, Jones expressed their gratitude for the incredible support they have received from their family and community. However, they also acknowledged that they are not financially prepared for the situation they are currently facing.

According to the fundraising page, the couple is currently consulting with several lawyers to determine the most effective course of action for their situation.

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