A Woman From New York City Was Found Dead Bottom Of Trash Compactor Had A ‘bright Future’, Was A ‘nice Young Girl,’ Building Super Says

Wagswoofs – According to the building superintendent, the woman whose body was discovered in a New York City trash compactor on Friday had a promising future ahead of her.

Elmquist was caught on surveillance footage, stumbling down the sidewalk towards the +aRt condominium complex. This happened after he left a work party on Thursday night, as The Messenger previously reported.

According to an unidentified police source, there is a possibility that the woman was intoxicated, although it has not been confirmed yet. The authorities are currently investigating the matter.

The police are currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Elmquist’s death.

The building superintendent had fond memories of Elmquist, who used to live there.

According to Davidson Stewart, a neighbor, the young girl who tragically lost her life appeared to be a friendly and positive individual. He described her as someone who kept to herself but would still greet others with a friendly “Hi, good evening, how you doing?” Stewart believed that she had a bright future ahead of her and it is heartbreaking to see her life cut short.

Elmquist’s cousin took to social media, sharing flyers and reaching out to the public for assistance in locating her after she went missing on Thursday.

“My cousin Jackie Elmquist went missing last night after she left a work party in Manhattan. She didn’t return home or show up for work this morning. Please help spread the word so that people in the area can be aware of the situation. All of her family lives here in Minnesota,” shared her concerned cousin on X, formerly known as Twitter, prior to the discovery of her body.

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