A woman spent 14 hours in 3 medical rooms trying to remove a ring, but she plans to buy it again

After spending a grueling 14 hours bouncing between three different emergency rooms, a woman was finally able to remove a tight ring from her finger with the help of an electric ring cutter. Despite the ordeal, she had no regrets about her purchase and even planned on buying the same ring again, albeit in a larger size.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 700,000 views, Jamnice Lashaun shared her distressing experience of trying to remove a ring from her finger. The video showcases her journey through New York City, where she resides, as she sought medical assistance from various healthcare providers and the different strategies they used to help her remove the ring.

In mid-September, Lashaun found herself in a predicament after the $6 steel ring she purchased from Shein got stuck on her finger. She had slept with the ring on, not realizing the consequences of doing so. Lashaun admitted to regularly keeping her jewelry on, but this time, the ring had tightened throughout the night, causing discomfort.

Lashaun recounted the moment when she woke up and realized her left arm was feeling tingly. She attempted to remove the ring from her finger, but her efforts only worsened the situation, causing her finger to swell up. Her panic mode had been triggered, and she was left with no choice but to seek help.

As seen on TikTok, the initial attempt by the doctor to remove the ring was unsuccessful even after using a ring cutter. In the subsequent attempt at a different location, five doctors tried various methods, such as using an ice pack to reduce swelling, the string method, which involves wrapping a ribbon around the finger to gently ease the ring over the knuckle, and another ring cutter. Unfortunately, none of these techniques were successful in removing the ring.

In the video clip, Lashaun expressed her discomfort with the string method, stating that it was too painful for her. She even requested to numb the area, but unfortunately, it was not possible.

According to the TikToker, she was referred to a specialist by the doctors who managed to remove the ring using an electric razor cutter. As soon as the ring was off, Lashaun expressed her relief and happiness.

Even though the experience was quite painful, Lashaun remained undeterred and decided to purchase the same ring again, albeit in a slightly bigger size. However, should the same situation occur in the future, she intends to approach a specialist or someone with the appropriate tools to safely remove the ring.

“I am definitely going to order a new one because the quality is fantastic,” she exclaimed. “It’s amazing how a simple $6 stainless steel item has caused such a stir amongst the doctors.”

Some of the commenters who watched the video expressed their empathy towards the woman and were happy to learn that she was able to remove the ring eventually. On the contrary, some were perplexed as to why she would take the chance of purchasing the same ring again.

Amidst a sea of crying emojis, a top comment stated that she was going to order another one.

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