ABC’s Ginger Zee Unveils Stunning Christmas Tree Inside Family Home With Husband And Two Sons

Wagswoofs – Ginger Zee is embracing the holiday spirit now that she’s back home with her family. After an awe-inspiring few days reporting on the Northern Lights in Canada, she’s ready to dive into the festive season.

The Good Morning America meteorologist, who has over one million fans, delighted her followers by sharing a glimpse into her stunningly adorned New York home, complete with a massive Christmas tree.

In a photo shared by her, the tree towered above her and her husband Ben Aaron, adorned with baubles, stars, wreaths, and twinkling lights. Plush gray stockings with the names of their family hung on the door.

The tree was placed in their cozy living area, which also had a comfortable couch and ottoman, a stylish rug on top of dark wood flooring, a beautiful marble fireplace, and a TV mounted above the mantelpiece. The twinkling lights from the tree created a lovely reflection in the room.

“It’s that time of year… I’m so happy to be back home with my boys, enjoying the Christmas season. @benaarontv and I even attended a festive holiday party. It was such a wonderful time,” she wrote alongside her photo.

Fans flooded the post with admiration and kind words, expressing their excitement for the upcoming Christmas season. One fan commented, “What a fantastic picture! I hope you and your loved ones have an unforgettable Christmas!” Another fan chimed in, “You both look amazing! Enjoy the well-deserved break, Ginger!” The comments section was filled with merry Christmas wishes and compliments, such as, “Wishing you and your family a joyful Christmas! Enjoy the festivities!” and “You both look beautiful in this photo. I hope you had a wonderful evening together. The Christmas tree looks absolutely spectacular! Sending happy holiday wishes to you and your boys.”

As soon as she returned home, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant wasted no time getting back into the swing of things. One of her first activities was making Christmas cookies with her two sons, Miles, aged five, and Adrian, aged seven.

She shared pictures of their attempts at making Christmas cookies this year, expressing her belief that the boys have made significant artistic progress compared to last year.

“We followed a delightful recipe by @daphneoz for the cookie itself, and the frosting was so good that it left everyone feeling euphoric for an entire hour.”

Fans showered the family with compliments, expressing their admiration with comments like, “The cookies look absolutely beautiful! Cherish these moments and keep making memories!” and “Time flies, so enjoy every precious moment with your boys. I miss those days.” Some observant followers pointed out that one gingerbread cookie had lost its leg, humorously noting, “Seems like one cookie couldn’t hold itself together. LOL” and “Oh no, the gingerbread cookie has a broken leg. A tasty mishap!”

After a few days away in Canada, Ginger made her much-anticipated return to GMA on Monday morning. She had been busy capturing the famed Aurora Borealis for an upcoming segment on the ABC morning news show.

Last night, she mesmerized her fans with her captivating description of the Aurora Borealis, a soul-stirring display of atmospheric alchemy. Accompanied by stunning photos of the natural phenomenon, her words transported her audience to the enchanting world of the Northern Lights.

One person expressed their excitement, saying, “You seem to be having an amazing time! We can’t wait to have you back soon!” Another person commented on the stunning pictures, saying, “The pictures are incredible, but I can only imagine how breathtaking it must be in person!” A third person showed their enthusiasm for the content, saying, “I’m absolutely loving this! Can I join you as your assistant on your next adventure?”

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