Albuquerque Residents Want To Stop Gun Violence After A Deadly High School Shooting

Wagswoofs – Community officials are demanding action against gun violence following the tragic shooting outside of Atrisco Heritage High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to Miranda Viscoli, Co-President for New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence, it is not just one conversation that needs to be had, but rather hundreds of conversations.

Gun violence claims the lives of young people far too often, with tragic consequences. According to Viscoli, a heartbreaking incident occurred recently where a 16-year-old lost their life due to firearm-related violence. Another 16-year-old fell victim to a tragic accident while playing with a firearm. These occurrences serve as a grim reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of gun violence and its devastating impact on our youth.

Co-President Miranda Viscoli has partnered with the State Department of Health to address the issue. Together, they have introduced a website that aims to educate gun owners on the proper ways to keep their weapons out of reach from their children. Additionally, the website also provides free gun locks to promote safe storage practices.

According to Viscoli, it is crucial to address the normalization of youth possessing guns and make young people aware that this acceptance is not acceptable. She emphasizes the need to educate them about the potential consequences, as it can lead to harm or incarceration.

In addition, they organize workshops at schools that span 10 to 12 weeks, focusing on prevention. Viscoli emphasizes the importance of educating teenagers as a means to safeguard them.

Viscoli laments the current state of the school and community, emphasizing that their suffering could have easily been avoided.

School officials have announced that they will be increasing the presence of police on campus tomorrow. Additionally, counseling services will be made available to provide support for the students.

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