Alleged Discovery Of Giant Skeletons In Alaska And Claims Of Smithsonian Concealing Evidence

Wagswoofs – According to reports, scientists have discovered more than 1,500 giant skeletons in the Alaskan wilderness. Some speculate that this finding suggests the continued existence of giant tribes. Tales of giants have been told since the story of David and Goliath.

Native Alaskans have passed down stories of an ancient conflict between humans and giants. According to these tales, the giants – who were said to be between 12 and 20 feet tall – viewed humans as a source of food and hunted them relentlessly. It seems that peace between the two groups was never achieved.

Legend has it that Alaska is home to a place known as the Headless Valley, which serves as a cautionary tale for those who reside in the area. According to the locals, there existed a group of giants who preferred to be left alone and were not to be disturbed.

The Discovery Of Giant Skeletons

Researcher Jonny Enoch recently stumbled upon a press report from November 18, 1900, detailing a remarkable discovery made during the Alaskan gold rush near Atlin.

The Discovery Of Giant Skeletons

According to the news report, huge skeletons were discovered in the Atlin region of Alaska, confirming the tales told by the native Americans about the forest-dwelling giants.

While searching for gold at the Yellow Jacket Mine, Prospector James L Perkinson stumbled upon an astounding discovery – five sets of complete skeletons. Among these skeletal remains was one that stood over 7 feet tall, with particularly enormous forearm bones. Buried alongside the skeletons were also 3-feet-long and five-inches-thick wooden spears.

According to Hugh Newman, an investigator of giants, there is evidence to suggest that these colossal beings once existed and may still exist in Alaska. However, Newman strongly believes that the scientific community is concealing this information and deliberately downplaying the numbers.

Back in 1936, Dr. Ales Hrdlicka, the head of the Smithsonian Institution, stumbled upon a colossal skull on Kagamil Island in the Aleutian Islands. According to reports, the skull was twice as large as a regular human skull and was believed to have the capacity to accommodate the largest brain ever discovered in the western hemisphere.

Dr. Hrdlicha had previously expressed disbelief in the existence of giants, claiming that any prior discoveries were hoaxes. However, researcher Hugh Newman has evidence that the giant skull was indeed registered with the Smithsonian. Despite this, he has been unable to determine the current whereabouts of the skull.

According to Newman, they possess the accession card that serves as proof of the item’s discovery and subsequent acquisition by the Smithsonian.

During the year 1940, while carrying out excavation work to construct an airstrip on Shemya Island, the military stumbled upon a peculiar finding of colossal bones and skulls. Once again, the skulls were larger than the average human, measuring two to three times their size.

During this particular instance, multiple skulls were discovered and brought to the attention of Biologist Ivan Sanderson by two military personnel. Despite Sanderson’s attempts to track down the skulls and follow up on the matter, all evidence of the bones disappeared without a trace.

Many people are left wondering if there is a massive conspiracy to hide the existence of giants from the public. Dr. Lance Hightower, a cryptologist who has studied this theory for years, argues that just because we have not seen them does not mean they do not exist.

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