Andy Kim surpasses Menendez in fundraising for New Jersey Senate

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey faced a fundraising setback as he was outperformed by a Democratic rival who raised a significant amount of funds in the last few days of the quarter. This occurred after Menendez was indicted on federal corruption charges, which has further complicated his already challenging political situation.

During the period of July 1 to Sept. 30, Rep. Andy Kim (D-N.J.), who is challenging for the position, managed to gather an impressive $1.2 million. Meanwhile, the incumbent, Menendez, raised $919,000 in the same period. However, Menendez has a significant advantage as he has nearly $8.6 million saved up, compared to Kim’s $1.2 million.

On September 22nd, Menendez was indicted for allegedly taking bribes from businessmen in New Jersey. Later, he faced additional charges of conspiring to act as a foreign agent for the government of Egypt. Although he denies the charges and has vowed to fight them, he has not yet announced whether he will run for reelection.

According to reports, Kim announced his candidacy just a day after the indictment was made public. His campaign has revealed that he managed to raise an impressive sum of $1 million within a week of his announcement.

It seems that Kim may not be the only candidate in the running. Tammy Murphy, the spouse of Governor Phil Murphy, is also contemplating a bid and has significant personal finances to support her campaign. Additionally, there are a number of other members in the congressional delegation who have yet to rule out their own potential candidacy.

Kim collected a whopping $858,000 for his campaign, with 77 percent of the funds coming from donations of $200 or more, which are required to be itemized. Interestingly, over 80 percent of these contributions were received after he declared his candidacy for the Senate on September 23. The final day of the quarter alone saw him raising more than $250,000, which is a significant amount.

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