Antisemitic Attack In Pennsylvania: Doctor Charged With Arson And Attempted Murder

Wagswoofs –  A doctor in Pennsylvania has been arrested on several charges, including attempted murder, arson, and ethnic intimidation, in connection with an alleged antisemitic attack.

Dr. Amy Cohen, aged 35, allegedly made antisemitic threats and intentionally set fire to a home in Lower Merion Township on Thursday, as reported by WPVI.

On November 24, a woman discovered disturbing flyers at her residence, prompting a police investigation. These flyers contained both anti-Semitic language and threats specifically aimed at the victim’s granddaughters.

According to the station, police stated that one of the granddaughters was in a relationship with Cohen’s former boyfriend.

The victim’s family members were also given flyers.

Cohen reportedly attempted to enhance the spread of the fire by using a flammable liquid. However, the flames subsided and failed to extend beyond the front porch.

Cohen was apprehended by investigators on Friday, and the following day she was brought before a judge for arraignment.

According to FOX 29, she is currently being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility on a $5 million cash bail.

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