Applebee’s Restaurant in New York State to Permanently Shut Down Today, October 15th


According to the latest restaurant location count by, there are currently 1,555 Applebees International restaurants across the United States as of August 16, 2023. California has the highest number of Applebees International locations with 107 restaurants, accounting for approximately 7% of all Applebees International restaurants in the US.

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Applebee’s in 2023

As per a recent report by on October 12th, employees of Applebee’s in Glenmont have been given the option to work at other nearby Applebee’s locations as the Glenmont branch is shutting down permanently.

According to a report, the Capital Region has bid farewell to an Applebee’s outlet. The restaurant, located at 291 Route 9W in Glenmont, has shut down permanently. A spokesperson from T.L. Cannon, the franchisee of Applebee’s in the region, expressed gratitude towards the patrons for their unwavering support over the past decade, and added that they enjoyed being a part of the neighborhood.

The company has not yet disclosed any details about the other closures that were previously announced.

The report includes a comprehensive list of Applebee’s restaurants that are still operating in the nearby areas. You can easily access the list by clicking on the link provided above.

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