Arizona Woman Receives Over 9 Year Prison Sentence For Bank Robbery Spree

Wagswoofs – A 42-year-old Arizona woman, Vivian Earle, has received a substantial sentence from a U.S. District judge for robbing five banks in the Phoenix area. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona announced the sentencing after Earle’s conviction on five counts of bank robbery earlier this year.

The judge handed down a prison sentence of 109 months to Earle, which translates to more than nine years of incarceration. Between April and August of 2019, she embarked on a crime spree, specifically targeting financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, and several others. Throughout this period, she successfully stole a grand total of $34,000.

During her last robbery, Earle became apprehensive when a vigilant bank customer took action. This observant individual decided to follow Earle’s vehicle from the bank’s parking lot and promptly alerted the authorities by calling 911. The Phoenix Police Department responded swiftly to the call and managed to arrest Earle.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Phoenix Police Department joined forces to investigate Earle’s series of bank robberies.

This case is a powerful reminder of how crucial community awareness and cooperation are in the fight against crime. The authorities strongly urge individuals with any information or tips regarding criminal activities to step forward and contribute to the preservation of our communities’ safety and security.

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