Armed Man Found Dead At A Colorado Amusement Park With Several Firearms And Explosives

Wagswoofs – Over the weekend, law enforcement officials in Colorado began an investigation after discovering the body of a man at an amusement park. The man was heavily armed and found wearing body armor. Additionally, he had multiple improvised explosive devices on his person.

According to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, officials were notified by employees of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park that a 20-year-old man’s body was discovered on a Saturday morning before the park opened.

On Monday evening, Diego Barajas Medina was identified by authorities.

Nestled amidst the scenic Rocky Mountains, lies the park in the charming resort city of Glenwood Springs. Encircled by the White River National Forest, this location is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

According to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Walt Stowe, the death of Medina is currently being investigated as a potential suicide.

On Monday, Stowe reassured that the community is not in any danger at the moment.

The cause of Medina’s death has not been disclosed by the agency. However, according to a press release, it has been confirmed that his death was not related to any of the rides, and he was not permitted to be inside the park.

Dressed in black tactical clothing bearing emblems as if he were law enforcement

In a recent news release on Monday, the police stated that Medina, who hailed from the Carbondale region, was discovered dead in a peculiar attire. The preliminary investigation revealed that he was dressed in black tactical clothing that bore patches and emblems, giving the impression that he had some association with law enforcement.

During a press conference on Monday afternoon, Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario stated that the suspect was equipped with a semi-automatic rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, and several loaded magazines for each weapon. According to Sheriff Vallario, both firearms are suspected to be “ghost guns.”

Medina donned body armor and what seemed to be a ballistic helmet, while multiple improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found in his possession and in a vehicle linked to him, at the park. Vallario highlighted in the press conference that a few of the apparent explosive devices were counterfeit.

According to the release, the park was attended by a bomb squad, who successfully neutralized the devices and made the area safe.

The Garfield County All Hazard response team, supported by bomb squad members, thoroughly combed the park to ensure there were no other improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted.

Law enforcement officials have stated that Medina’s actions were confined to the property of the Glenwood Caverns, as per the ongoing investigation.

On Facebook, the agency issued the subsequent statement:

In the first two days of the investigation, the authorities proceeded in a careful and systematic manner to thoroughly search the suspect’s residence and property. Their primary focus was to ensure the safety of the public, bomb disposal teams, law enforcement, and other first responders. Additionally, they aimed to assess the full extent of the suspect’s criminal activities. Once the cabins were deemed safe, they were re-opened to the public.

According to the police, if Medina had carried out his plan with the amount of weapons, ammunition, and explosives found, it could have resulted in a devastating attack on the community and first responders.

Suspect’s cause and manner of death pending autopsy

The Garfield County coroner will be responsible for determining Medina’s official cause of death, as stated in the release.

We have contacted the coroner’s office for further information, as reported by USA TODAY.

As stated in the press release, it seems that Medina arrived at the park in a vehicle prior to entering. The authorities are currently ensuring that none of the rides, equipment, buildings or facilities within the park were interfered with.

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Body, findings prompts closure of park

A spokesperson for the park reported that Medina entered the property without permission while no guests or staff were present.

According to USA TODAY, General Manager Nancy Heard expressed her feelings about the unfortunate incident and emphasized the significance of the Glenwood Springs community. She also expressed gratitude towards the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department and Coroner’s Office, along with the Garfield County All Hazard Response Team and other officials who worked together to ensure the safety of the park before reopening.

The website states that the park is positioned as the only theme park situated at the top of a mountain in the nation. It can be found along Interstate 70, between Aspen and Vail.

Visitors to the park can enjoy a variety of thrilling activities, including roller coasters, exciting rides, zip lines, and a scenic gondola ride. In addition, the park boasts mountain-top dining, providing visitors with breathtaking views while they indulge in delicious cuisine.

According to its website, the park remained closed on Monday.



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