As Americans flee the war, flights from Israel arrive in the Tri-State Area

On Sunday, American arrivals escaping Israel have been spotted at New York and New Jersey airports.

It has been over a week since the crisis started, yet several families are still facing difficulties in evacuating the affected areas. Despite spending a considerable amount of money, a lot of them had to take flights with multiple stopovers just to ensure their safety. In fact, some had to go through the trouble of boarding connecting flights which added to their already chaotic situation.

At Newark Liberty International Airport, emotions were running high as parents eagerly awaited the return of their loved ones. Tears of joy flowed freely as families were reunited after a long time apart. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as hugs were exchanged and stories were shared. It was a heartwarming sight to see families coming together once again.

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During Sukkot, a celebration in Israel, Hamas launched a sudden attack that resulted in the deaths of hundreds, according to reports. The attack came as a surprise to many who were participating in the festivities at the time.

As they huddled in bomb shelters, families recounted their terrifying experiences of trying to book flights and having them canceled multiple times. The fear in their voices was palpable as they shared their stories of uncertainty and panic. Despite their efforts to stay calm, the situation was overwhelming, and they struggled to keep their emotions in check. The uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring was too much to bear, and they longed for a sense of normalcy.

The passengers who managed to board the 5:15 a.m. flight to Newark on Sunday were overwhelmed with relief as they finally arrived home.

Esther Hamilton, hailing from Indiana, expressed her concerns about the ongoing conflicts in a poignant statement. She mentioned the sight of rockets soaring in the sky and the accompanying smoke. However, she acknowledged the plight of the people who are bearing the brunt of the situation, including the refugees who are in dire need of help.

Mai Nitzon, hailing from Israel, expressed her fear and concern by stating that the current news is overwhelming and terrifying. She described the situation as crazy, reflecting the severity of the issue.

Liron Nitzan, a resident of Manhattan, expressed her deep concern and emotional turmoil over the current state of affairs in her country. She was moved to tears by the images and news reports she witnessed and felt compelled to take action. “I was so worried that I couldn’t stop crying, but I knew I had to bring her over,” she said.

According to Livia Dunkin, a traveler, the individuals residing in the area are displaying remarkable unity. They are going above and beyond to assist one another, creating a sense of warmth and safety.

After facing multiple obstacles, a family consisting of nine members from Monsey, New York, successfully managed to leave Israel following their month-long trip. They took a charter flight to London and then arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport, safe and sound.

As shared by one woman, they were gripped with fear and couldn’t step out. Moreover, going back to New York seemed impossible for them.

Nancy Fink, a resident of Brooklyn, described her flight back as “difficult”.

As Fink boarded her 12-hour flight, she was still trying to process the conflict that had brought her to Tel Aviv. The fear of her safety lingered even as she made her way to the airport.

Fink expressed that the most frightening aspect of the situation was simply deciding to leave her home and wait in a public area, accepting whatever outcome may come. “OK, I’m gonna leave my house, I’m gonna go stay in a public area, I’m gonna sit there and wait, and whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen,” she recounted.

Dr. Michael Richter, a resident of Rego Park, couldn’t hold back his emotions during his recent trip. He found himself crying almost every hour as he kept questioning if what was happening was real.

According to Richter, he had to leave his loved ones behind in Israel and return to Queens to attend to his practice. Luckily, he had previously booked a direct flight home which he was able to take advantage of.

Kristie Keleshian from CBS New York inquired, “What is the experience like when you have to depart?”

According to Richter, the task he had to undertake was the most difficult challenge he had ever faced.

Eliya Bivas, her grandmother, and roommate have managed to escape Tel Aviv and are currently in Cyprus thanks to a charter flight.

According to Bivas, everyone wants to assist in any way possible, but it’s crucial to prioritize one’s safety.

It remains a challenge to secure a flight out of Israel.

According to Bivas, the options available were either exorbitantly priced or not immediate enough. Most of the accommodations required waiting for two weeks or a week and a half, which was not a safe option as it was not advisable to stay there for such a long duration.

Several airlines have decided to either suspend or cancel their flights to and from Israel. Delta has announced that it will not be operating any flights to or from Tel Aviv until the end of October. Meanwhile, American Airlines has suspended all its operations in Tel Aviv until December 4. United has also canceled its direct flights to the area.

At our local airports, it is common to have over a dozen flights going to and coming from Tel Aviv on a daily basis.

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