Authorities Report: Waitress’s Regular Attacks Woman Inside Taxi, Sought For Sexual Assault

Wagswoofs – A regular customer of a local waitress invites her to join him for drinks.

The individual involved in the investigation has been identified as a 20-year-old man named Carlos Flores-Matute.

According to investigators, the woman encountered Flores-Matute at Lesly’s Grill in Riverdale and, by the time the restaurant closed, she had kindly volunteered to assist her in getting home.

Al Maresca, Deputy Marshal with the US Marshals Service, revealed that at the end of the night, he managed to persuade her to share a taxi. He made a promise to be a gentleman and offered to pay for the taxi. The plan was for the taxi to first drop him off at his residence and then continue on to drop her off at her residence.

They hailed a taxi and embarked on their first stop, Flores-Matute’s home in Hyattsville, which was nearly four miles away. Investigators noted that the ride took around 15 minutes.

Unbeknownst to the woman, this would be her sole destination.

Maresca noted that things took a different turn when they arrived at his residence.

After hours of enduring captivity, the woman successfully breaks free and desperately flees in search of assistance. Overwhelmed by fear and desperation, she manages to contact the police, seeking immediate help.

After being taken to an area hospital, the woman cooperates with investigators and shares her account of what transpired.

The woman identified Flores-Matute and he was later issued a criminal summons. However, the 20-year-old has since disappeared.

According to Maresca, the US Marshals Service took over the case for apprehension when he failed to show up.

The search for Flores-Matute has proven to be challenging, with nearly a year and a half having passed.

According to Maresca, it is highly likely that this individual, who is an undocumented citizen, is able to go unnoticed due to his status. He is unlikely to be employed in jobs that are officially registered, as he is not legally present in the country. Maresca also suggests that there is a strong possibility that if he is not hiding in Maryland, he may have returned to his home country.

Investigators say that Honduras is his home country.

It is crucial to locate Flores-Matute, as investigators fear that he will strike again in the near future.

According to Maresca, the primary concern lies in the pattern of behavior exhibited by the individual. He emphasizes that the perpetrator deliberately built a connection with the victim, gaining her trust before subjecting her to a horrific act of assault and rape. Maresca further states that if someone is capable of committing such a heinous crime against someone they know and have formed a bond with, there is no barrier preventing them from inflicting the same harm upon a stranger.

Flores-Matute, a person of medium height, stands at around 5’8″ and has a weight of about 170 pounds.

You can reach out to agents by dialing 202-819-5058.

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