Beekeeper May Know the Reason Behind Fewer Lanternflies Sightings This Year

Staten Island seems to have found a way to combat the spotted lanternfly.


Since 2021, Staten Islanders have been experiencing an invasion of a species from China. This invasive species was first discovered in the United States in Pennsylvania back in 2014.

Last year, these pests were a major nuisance, causing problems during outdoor activities such as barbecues and walks in the park. They were difficult to get rid of and seemed to be everywhere, almost like a Biblical plague.

It’s possible that you’re observing fewer lanternflies this year.

According to Nick Rozak, a beekeeper and educator from Stapleton, we have the bald-faced hornet and other creatures to thank for our delicious honey.

According to Rozak, the lanternflies’ invasion could be nature’s way of adapting to changes. He believes that we should allow nature to adjust and find a balance on its own.

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