Boebert Alleges Hollywood Attempting To Buy Her Old District, Singles Out Ryan Reynolds And Barbra Streisand

Wagswoofs – Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, has accused Hollywood celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Barbra Streisand of trying to exert influence over Colorado’s 3rd district by making hefty campaign contributions. Boebert, who recently announced her decision to switch districts and run in the state’s 4th district, claims that these high-profile figures are attempting to “buy” political influence in the region.

During her appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” Boebert expressed her concerns about the influx of support from “Hollywood elites” for her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch. Boebert emerged victorious in the 2022 election, securing the win by a narrow margin of just 546 votes. She called for a crackdown on these individuals in order to address the issue at hand.

“We need to stop the Hollywood elites who are attempting to purchase my current district. They have infused nearly $10 million into this district with the intention of acquiring this seat,” expressed the Colorado Republican.

She firmly stated that Colorado’s 3rd District is not available for purchase.

Boebert specifically mentioned Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool, and Barbra Streisand, a Grammy award-winning singer. She argued that if she were to leave the district, the support of these Hollywood figures would no longer exist.

Reynolds and Streisand were among the celebrities who expressed their support for Frisch in a potential rematch against Boebert, as reported by Newsweek earlier this month.

According to her, Hollywood is attempting to purchase their way into Congress through donations from prominent figures like Barbara Streisand and Ryan Reynolds. However, she did not express the same concerns about billionaire businesspeople.

In a surprising move, Boebert made it known on Wednesday that she has no intentions of seeking reelection in her current district. She expressed her realization that her chances of winning were slim.

“I will do everything within my ability to effectively represent the 3rd District throughout the remainder of my term. Additionally, I am determined to gain the trust of grassroots conservative voters in the 4th District, as I aspire to serve as their representative in 2025,” she expressed.

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