Burlington Local Charged With Causing Harm To Two Women In A Bar Fight In Iowa City Using A Bottle As A Weapon

Wagswoofs – According to reports, a woman from southeast Iowa has been charged with causing injury to two women during a bar fight in Iowa City. It is alleged that the accused used a bottle as a weapon during the altercation.

According to Iowa City Police, a brawl erupted at Pre-Game Lounge and Hookah Bar, previously known as “H Bar,” on South Van Buren Street early Sunday morning, prompting a call to the authorities at 1:45 am. Janae Anderson, a 29-year-old resident of Burlington, accompanied by a group of friends, reportedly got into an altercation with another patron. Anderson allegedly punched the victim several times, causing a bloody nose and breaking a tooth. Reports suggest that Anderson then went on to hit another woman in the face with a bottle of alcohol while she was trying to separate the two. The second victim suffered a bruised cheek as a result of the attack.

When the officers arrived at the bar, witnesses pointed out Anderson who was still present at the scene. However, instead of cooperating, she tried to walk away without providing any explanation for the alleged assaults.

Anderson may face up to two years in jail if she is found guilty on both charges of Assault Causing Bodily Injury that have been levied against her.

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