Canadian Woman Arrested In A Bail Scam In Wall Township

Wagswoofs – The Wall Township Police Department recently apprehended Shenaaya Hackett, a 19-year-old individual from Montreal, Canada. Hackett has been charged with 3rd Degree Theft by Deception in connection with a bail scam operation. The arrest came after a thorough investigation by the authorities.

On Thursday, at approximately 2:15 PM, Wall Township police officers were called to the Manasquan Park area in response to a report. A resident had received a phone call stating that their grandson had been arrested and needed $10,000 for release. The caller also informed them that someone would be coming to collect the bail money.

The police took action by organizing a sting operation at a prearranged spot to apprehend the individual who was to collect the money. It was during this operation that the officers came across Ms. Hackett, resulting in her arrest on charges of 3rd Degree Theft by Deception. Following her arrest, she was taken to the Monmouth County Correctional Facility.

Patrolman Mark Daugherty and Patrolman Trent Powers took charge of the investigation, demonstrating the department’s dedication to stopping fraudulent activities and safeguarding the community from scams.

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