Cardi B’s BFF, Who Is Alleged to Be the ‘Godmother’ of the Bloods Gang, Pleads for Permission to Leave the U.S. Weeks Before Sentencing

Cardi B’s friend, who is heavily involved in a violent street gang, has requested permission to take a vacation prior to being sentenced by the court.

As per the court documents that have been accessed by, it has been revealed that Star Brim, who has pleaded guilty to two counts in the case, has requested permission from the judge to leave New York.

Scheduled for sentencing on November 29th, Brim is facing accusations of being a prominent female member of the 5-9 Brims.

According to her lawyer’s letter to the court, Brim, a single mother, desires to take her 3-year-old child to the beach before her sentencing. She has expressed her preference to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands for a brief vacation in early November.

According to Brim, she hasn’t made any reservations yet, but she mentioned that airfare is currently reasonably priced. The judge authorized the purported gang member’s travel just two days later.

After her 2020 arrest, Brim was released on a $50k bond. The NYPD had made her arrest as part of a gang round-up, which resulted in the apprehension of several other gang members.

According to prosecutors, the 5-9 Brims is an aggressive criminal group that has caused fear among the people of Brooklyn and Queens. They have been involved in heinous acts of violence in public areas, dealing illegal drugs on the streets, and cheating individuals through fraudulent financial schemes.

According to the prosecutors, Brim was held responsible for the assault on two female bartenders working at a strip club in New York.

According to legal papers, the government has stated that Cardi B’s associate directed their attention towards the women in question as they believed that they had shown disrespect towards another friend. The incident has been a hot topic in the news, with many outlets reporting on the ongoing lawsuit.

In the past, Cardi had her own conflicts with the alleged victims and even went as far as accusing them of having affairs with her husband, Offset.

Over the last few months, Brim has been successful in obtaining every request she made pertaining to the terms of her release, as granted by the court.

In one of the recent incidents, Brim, a social media influencer, was granted permission by the judge to leave New York for her paid club appearances. As per Brim, hosting parties across the country is her primary source of income. The judge had earlier given his approval by signing off on her request.

The court went as far as lifting her curfew to enable her to work, and also approved Brim’s appeals to go on several trips with her son, as reported by Radar Online.

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