Children detained with guns at Mississippi high school homecoming procession. Modified to be totally automatic

According to reports, three minors were apprehended during a homecoming parade at a high school in Mississippi. It is said that authorities discovered the individuals in possession of marijuana as well as two firearms.

According to the Woodville Republican, three teenagers aged 16 and 17 were apprehended on October 13th while the Wilkinson County High School’s Homecoming Parade was taking place on Main Street in Woodville.

The police seized two weapons, one of which was illegally altered.

A teenager who is only 16 years old was caught with an illegal .40 caliber Glock pistol that had been modified to be fully automatic using a handmade “Switch”. The possession of such a weapon is prohibited by law, and the young individual was subsequently arrested.

A young adult of 17 years old was discovered with a 7.62×39 rifle in their possession.

The two minors were accused of unlawfully possessing the firearms.

Another young person, aged 17, was charged with possessing marijuana.

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