City Hospitals Reintroducing Mask Mandates Due To Increasing Cases Of Covid-19, Rsv, And Flu

Wagswoofs – In response to the CDC’s announcement regarding the surges in COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and flu cases, several hospitals in New York City have decided to reimplement their mask policies.

According to Dr. Elias Youssef from Kings County Hospital, there has been a rapid increase in the number of patients with these three illnesses. However, he explains that this was expected due to the cold weather and the holiday season.

Since Thanksgiving, all NYC Health + Hospitals locations have decided to reinstate their masking policy, requiring masks to be worn in all areas of the hospital. This decision comes as an increasing number of patients are arriving at the hospitals, with some testing positive for multiple illnesses.

“It’s slowly started to trickle up after the Thanksgiving holiday, and we anticipated to go even further or higher in the coming weeks,” said Youssef. “We saw firsthand in pediatric population with RSV but now we’re starting to see it with the adult population.”

COVID-19 hospitalizations have increased by around 36% when comparing the data from November to last week, as reported by city data.

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