Community Trust Shaken As Retired Portsmouth Officer Faces Embezzlement Charges

Wagswoofs – In the peaceful community of Portsmouth, a sense of unease has surfaced as ex-police officer Dean August Outhouse finds himself accused of embezzling $17,340 from the Portsmouth Police Patrolman’s Association. This alleged act of misappropriation occurred over a span of almost three years, starting from July 29, 2019, and continuing until June 21, 2022. As a result, Outhouse now faces a class B felony charge, which, if proven, could lead to a prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years.

Outhouse fulfilled the necessary criteria and retired under a service retirement plan on August 1, 2022. According to NH Retirement System spokesperson Marty Karlon, he now receives a pension of $57,161 per year. His retirement, along with his subsequent indictment, has raised questions and concerns within the community.

This case goes beyond a solitary instance of alleged embezzlement. It serves as a powerful reminder of how delicate public trust is in our law enforcement agencies. When an officer, who has taken an oath to safeguard and support, is accused of breaking the law, it severely undermines the community’s faith. Wrongdoings within the police force can create a domino effect, breeding doubt and straining the relationship between the public and those responsible for their safety.

Rebuilding trust requires law enforcement agencies to not only hold individuals accountable but also show a dedication to transparency and reform. This entails closely examining policies and training to prevent future incidents. Community outreach and enhanced civilian oversight can play a crucial role in repairing the relationship between the police and the people they serve. Ultimately, restoring faith in the justice system is a long-term endeavor that demands the unwavering commitment of both the police force and the community it serves. Although it may not be an effortless journey, it is an indispensable one to safeguard the integrity of our institutions and the well-being of our citizens.

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