Concerns Arise Among Neighbors Following Shooting On New Year’s Morning

Wagswoofs – A Northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood witnessed a party turning violent at a short-term rental home on the morning of New Year’s Day.

Guy Smith, who lives next door, expressed his frustration with the recent incident, stating, “My five-year-old kid could’ve been out playing in the backyard, and a stray bullet could’ve gone through the fence. I’m not very happy about this.” He further explained, “I got woken up this morning from a phone call from my mother telling me that there was a shooting on Skylark Lane.”

The incident occurred at approximately 6:45 a.m. at a residence situated on Skylark Lane, located within a neighborhood near Britton Road and Rockwell Avenue.

According to OKCPD Capt. Benjamin Weir, there was a dispute that escalated, resulting in a shooting incident. The individual who was shot has been taken to OU and is currently in stable condition. Although the victim was an adult, the police have detained multiple juveniles and adults in relation to the incident.

According to Capt. Weir, the individual responsible for pulling the trigger fled the scene. Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing the suspect, as they have identified the person involved.

Smith expressed his frustration with the constant traffic at the house, despite the fact that Sunday night’s party was not particularly noisy.

Smith mentioned that he has made several attempts to contact the property owner, but unfortunately, he has not been successful in reaching them.

KFOR contacted AirBnb to inquire about the rental, but they confirmed that it was not booked through their platform. We have also reached out to VRBO and are currently awaiting their response.

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