Coralville Police Traffic Stops Reveal Racial Inequalities

Wagswoofs – New data has revealed that there are racial disparities in the traffic stops conducted in Coralville from 2021 to 2023.

According to an article from The Daily Iowan, a recent report presented to the Coralville Police Advisory Board revealed some concerning statistics. The data indicated that non-white individuals were 30 percent more likely to receive a citation, whereas white individuals were 40 percent more likely to receive a warning during traffic stops. Furthermore, the report highlighted the alarming fact that individuals from minority groups were nine times more likely to be arrested following a traffic stop.

The study was led by Chris Barnum, a professor of criminal justice and sociology at St. Ambrose University. Barnum and his team analyzed various factors including the time of day and the types of violations that were documented.

In Coralville, while white individuals constitute 69 percent of the population, they only represent 56 percent of the traffic stops. On the other hand, African American individuals, who make up 16 percent of the population, account for 28 percent of the traffic stops.

According to Coralville Chief of Police Shane Kron, the issues at hand go beyond what data alone can reveal. However, it is crucial to prioritize policing objectives and training in order to address and minimize disparities.

The study suggests that it is important for Coralville police to continue monitoring for any potential disproportionality.

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