Dad Sought After Discovery of 12-Year-Old’s Emaciated, Maggot-Covered 54-Pound Body with 2 Broken Arms in His Living Room

The image shows Romuan J. Moye from the Milwaukee Police and Jacarie Robinson in a screenshot from WTVJ.

Authorities have announced that a warrant for the arrest of Romuan J. Moye has been issued in connection to the death of young Jacarie Robinson on Saturday. Moye is facing multiple charges, including chronic neglect of a child that resulted in death, chronic neglect of a child that caused bodily harm, chronic neglect of a child, and failure to report the death of a child. The charges are related to the tragic incident that led to the death of Jacarie Robinson. Moye must face the consequences of his actions, and justice must be served for the innocent child.

As per the details mentioned in the probable cause affidavit, officers from the City of Milwaukee Police Department received a distress call reporting a “dead on entry” situation at a housing complex on N. Elmhurst Road on October 10th at around 6:15 p.m. Upon arrival, the caller informed the dispatcher that they found a 12-year-old child deceased inside the apartment unit, and the body was in an “advanced state of decomposition.”

When they arrived at the location, the initial responders were able to locate the person who had made the call. The individual who identified himself as Moye’s son, JM, was 22 years old according to the court records.

According to JM’s statement to the police, his younger brothers, who were aged 17, 15, and 12, usually lived in the apartment with Moye. However, he mentioned that for the past few weeks, the 17 and 15-year-olds had been staying with their mother, while the youngest, known as “JR,” stayed with Moye.

As per the official police reports, JM stated that he had visited his father a few days ago and noticed that his father was behaving in an unusual manner. He mentioned that his father was taking deep breaths repeatedly. However, JM clarified that he never entered his father’s apartment. As his father’s behavior continued to be concerning, JM went to check on him again on October 10th. When Moye didn’t respond to his knocks, JM let himself into the apartment to ensure that everything was okay.

JM was at a loss for words and overwhelmed with confusion and sadness when he discovered his younger brother in a state of decay. His emotional state was so intense that he expressed to the police that he didn’t even know how to feel. The tragedy of the situation was evident in his words, as he struggled to come to terms with the devastating discovery.

According to JM’s statement to the police, Moye had informed him a couple of years ago about his cancer diagnosis and recently claimed that the condition had worsened, leaving him with a limited amount of time. This news propelled JM to want to spend more time with his father, but unfortunately, Moye had been dodging him lately, making JM feel uneasy.

According to JM’s statement to the police, Moye had been preventing the victim from meeting his family for the past few months, citing the boy’s unacceptable behavior. JM remembered seeing his younger brother alive on his birthday, which was on August 19th, and was shocked to see him looking extremely thin. He couldn’t help but wonder what JR had been eating to be in such a state.

According to JM, Moye was known for being strict with punishment, but physical discipline was not frequently used. The victim’s mother was reportedly informed by Moye that her child had been misbehaving and even stealing food. Moye’s reputation was that of a stern enforcer, yet physical abuse was not his go-to method.

According to the victim’s 15-year-old sister, their father would “punish” the victim for allegedly stealing food.

During their interview with the child, the police reported that the Defendant made violent threats towards JR, stating that they would “pop JR” or “whoop JR.” This information was included in the affidavit.

Upon entering Moye’s home, homicide detectives were greeted by an overpowering stench of mold, feces, and decay. They took over the scene to investigate further.

According to the police report, the kitchen was in a state of disarray with a massive pile of garbage taking center stage on the floor. The kitchen table was also covered in trash, and the sink was coated with what looked like mold. In addition, there were moldy food items scattered across the kitchen counters and the refrigerator was stocked with moldy food. Moving on to the bathroom, it was apparent that the garbage had infiltrated this space as well, with human feces filling the toilet. To make matters worse, the vanity sink and shower walls were covered in mold, adding to the already grim situation.

The cause of death for the boy is yet to be determined as several additional tests are still pending. It has been mentioned by the authorities that Moye might have to face further charges based on the results of the tests and the investigation.

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