Dad Sought as 12-Year-Old’s Emaciated, Maggot-Covered 54-Pound Body with 2 Broken Arms Found in His Living Room, Emitting an Overwhelming Smell

The image shows Romuan J. Moye from the Milwaukee Police and Jacarie Robinson, as seen in a screenshot from WTVJ.

Romuan J. Moye is now facing an arrest warrant in connection to the tragic passing of Jacarie Robinson. According to authorities, Moye has been charged with one count each of chronic neglect of a child, which resulted in death, chronic neglect of a child causing bodily harm, chronic neglect of a child, and failure to report the death of a child. The announcement of the charges was made after the issuance of the warrant for Moye’s arrest on Saturday. The case has been a heartbreaking one, and the authorities are taking all necessary steps to ensure that justice is served. The links provided in the original paragraph have more details about this unfortunate incident.

As per a probable cause affidavit, City of Milwaukee Police Department officers received a call about a “dead on entry” situation at around 6:15 p.m. on Oct. 10. The call was made from an apartment complex situated in the 4100 block of N. Elmhurst Road. The caller informed the emergency dispatcher about the discovery of a 12-year-old child’s body in an “advanced state of decomposition” inside the apartment.

When they arrived at the location, emergency responders were able to find the individual who called for assistance. This person was identified in legal papers as “JM,” who is the 22-year-old son of Moye.

According to JM’s statement to the police, his three younger brothers, who are aged 17, 15, and 12, used to reside in the apartment with Moye. However, for the past few weeks, the 17 and 15-year-olds had been staying with their mother. The youngest brother, who goes by the name “JR,” was still under Moye’s care during this time.

As per the records of the police, JM stated that he had recently visited his father and observed some unusual behavior. He noticed that his father was taking deep breaths repeatedly, which raised concerns for his well-being. However, he clarified that he did not enter the apartment during that visit. Despite this, with his father’s behavior continuing to trouble him, JM decided to check on him again on Oct. 10. When Moye did not respond to JM’s knocks on the door, he took matters into his own hands and entered the apartment to ensure everything was alright.

According to the affidavit, JM entered the house to search for some belongings that were crucial for the Defendant. Despite looking around, there was no one in the residence. However, upon entering the living room, JM noticed a foot sticking out from the covers on the floor. Startled by the discovery, JM immediately yelled out since it was JR’s body. JM pulled back the covers and saw JR’s face, which was in an advanced state of decay and had maggots present.

JM was at a loss for words as he spoke to the police about the distressing discovery of his younger brother’s deteriorated state. He expressed feeling both lost and confused, unable to comprehend the situation at hand.

According to the police report, JM shared that Moye had informed him a few years back that he was struggling with cancer and had recently revealed that the condition had worsened. Moye had reportedly mentioned that he had limited time left to live, which prompted JM to try and spend more quality time with his father. However, in recent times, Moye had been acting distant and evasive, which was unsettling for JM.

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According to JM’s statement to the police, Moye had reportedly isolated the victim from the family for the past few months, citing the boy’s misbehavior. JM remembered seeing his younger brother on his birthday last August 19th and was dismayed by how thin and malnourished he looked. His thoughts were, “What is JR even eating?” It was the last time JM saw his brother alive.

According to JM, Moye had a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian, but physical punishment was not his go-to method. However, Moye had reportedly informed the victim’s mother that the child had been misbehaving and even stealing food lately.

According to the victim’s 15-year-old sister, their father “punishes” the victim for allegedly stealing food.

During the investigation, the child told the police that “The Defendant will pop JR or whoop JR.” This statement was cited in the affidavit filed by the authorities.

Upon arriving at Moye’s residence, the homicide detectives immediately took charge of the situation. Upon entering the home, they were met with a pungent odor of mold, feces, and decay that was overwhelming. The detectives had to navigate through the unpleasant smell to investigate the crime scene thoroughly.

According to police reports, the kitchen presented a disturbing sight with a huge heap of garbage occupying the center of the room. Not only that, but the kitchen table was also covered in garbage, and the sink was overrun with mold. The kitchen counters were covered in molded food, and the refrigerator, although functional, was filled with decaying food. The bathroom was in no better condition, with garbage strewn all over, and the toilet filled with human feces. The sink and shower in the vanity area were no exception, as they were coated with mold as well.

The cause of the boy’s death is yet to be determined, pending the outcome of various tests. Officials stated that Moye may be charged with additional offenses, depending on the findings of the tests and further inquiry.

The article on Law & Crime titled “‘An overwhelming smell’: Dad wanted after 12-year-old’s emaciated, maggot-covered 54-pound body found in his living room with 2 broken arms” reports on a tragic incident. The post sheds light on the father who is being searched by the authorities after his 12-year-old daughter was found dead in his living room. The girl’s body was emaciated, covered in maggots, and weighed only 54 pounds. The father is also suspected of breaking both of her arms. This heartbreaking news first broke on Law & Crime.

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