Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough’s Wife Rushed To Hospital for Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery

Wagswoofs – Derek Hough has shared that his wife, Hayley Erbert, has been admitted to the hospital due to a cranial hematoma, a condition where blood accumulates in the skull.

In an Instagram post, he informed his followers that his wife, Hayley, had a medical emergency during their recent concert in Washington, D.C. He shared that she became disoriented and was immediately taken to the hospital. The diagnosis revealed a cranial hematoma caused by a burst blood vessel, necessitating an emergency craniectomy. Fortunately, Hayley is now in stable condition.

Derek added: “I want to thank the first responders and medical personnel who have cared for and continue to care for her. I ask for your prayers and positivity during this time.”

Meghan Trainor added: “I was in DC last night. The show was absolutely amazing… Hayley was fabulous… I am so sorry this happened. We were sad to not see her at the end of the show. I had a feeling something happened… Many prayers and sending love.”

Professional dancer Kateryna Klishyna put: “Sending so much love and prayers to you both !!!” before former Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev wrote: “Sending love and prayers.”

Dancing With The Stars’ recent winner Xochitl Gomez also commented: “Focusing all my positivity and well wishes directly toward Hayley. She is a shining light.”

Derek and Hayley embarked on their Symphony of Dance tour, which began in September. They exchanged vows just a few weeks prior to the tour’s commencement, on August 26th.

There is currently no information available regarding the possible postponement of upcoming tour dates due to Hayley’s health scare. The incident occurred after the conclusion of the latest season of DWTS, where Derek spoke highly of Xochitl’s performance, stating that the late judge Len Goodman, who sadly passed away after 15 years on the show, would have appreciated her talent.

Xochitl and her partner received this amazing compliment following their mesmerizing performance of a Waltz to the timeless melody “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. The 17-year-old actress captivated everyone’s attention as she gracefully glided across the dance floor in a stunning red dress, flawlessly executing each step with the poise and assurance of a seasoned dancer.

Xochitl and her partner received perfect scores of 10 from all the judges in their second dance of the night. This marked their second round of perfect scores for the evening. In the semi-finals, the couple performed a lively Jive to the popular song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. It is worth noting that receiving two perfect scores in one night is a remarkable achievement on the show, as the judges do not give them out easily.

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