Dc Man Sentenced To 15 Years For His Involvement In 2 Armed Robberies

Wagswoofs – U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves and MPD Acting Chief Pamela Smith have announced the sentencing of a man from Washington D.C. for his involvement in two armed bank robberies.

Washington D.C. resident Mark Stubblefield, aged 66, received a 15-year imprisonment term for each bank robbery he committed, along with a concurrent 22-month prison sentence for felony threats.

After his release, the judge has mandated a period of five years of supervision, along with a payment of $300 to the fund created by the Victims of Violent Crime Compensation Act.

As per the inquiry, Stubblefield made a threat to detonate explosives at a Truist Bank outlet in Dupont Circle and robbed nearly $10,000 from the bank tellers.

Stubblefield was convicted on Aug. 3 of committing armed robbery and making felony threats during a bank robbery that took place on Oct. 20, 2022.

In the wake of his previous conviction, Stubblefield admitted to committing another bank robbery, this time of the Peoples Bank in Dupont Circle on November 15, 2022. During the robbery, he entered the bank and held the bank tellers at gunpoint while demanding money.

After the incident, Stubblefield was in possession of $7,370 in cash.

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