Defense attorney in Pittsburgh faces charges for trying to meet underage girls

PITTSBURGH (Wagswoofs) — A Pittsburgh defense attorney was charged with trying to meet up with underage girls.

Cell phone footage recorded by 814PredHunters, a group led by Brian Knepp responsible for the operation, captures the exact moment when Paul Luvara was apprehended.

Knepp explained that there are fake accounts online that are created to attract and engage with adults. These accounts simply exist and wait for adults to initiate contact with them.

The group recently targeted Luvara, who had been engaging in conversations with one of their “online decoys” for several months. Luvara stands accused of traveling to Punxsutawney with the intention of meeting a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl.

The police were waiting after Knepp alerted them.

Luvara was taken into custody and faced charges for five felonies. However, a bail bondsman stepped in and managed to secure his release by posting a $50,000 bail just two days after his arrest.

KDKA-TV inquired Knepp about the severity of the situation.

KDKA-TV attempted to contact the lawyer representing Luvara but did not receive a response on Monday.

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