Demonstrators across the Tri-State region demand peace in Israel & Gaza

Over the weekend, two rallies were held in New York and New Jersey, each with a unique focus on advocating for both Palestinians and Israelis. In a show of solidarity, attendees raised their voices to support both groups. The rallies were well-attended and served as a reminder that the ongoing conflict in the region affects people on both sides of the issue.

On Long Island, supporters of Palestinians have come together to advocate for peace, while in New Jersey, supporters of Israelis have gathered with the same goal in mind. Despite their differences, they share a common ground in their desire to promote peace and understanding between the two groups.

According to Rosy Islam, the primary objective of the pro-Palestinian rally is to promote peace.

Larry Ryan, from the Metrowest Israel Action Committee, expressed his commitment to continue their efforts until peace is achieved in Israel.

In Livingston, a great number of people came together to march for a cause, proudly waving their flags and holding up signs with pictures of their loved ones.

Dozens of synagogues and organizations from various areas came together to express their support for Israel and denounce the actions of the terrorist group, Hamas. The unified front of thousands of individuals sent a powerful message of solidarity and condemnation of violence. The organizations and synagogues stood together in their commitment to promoting peace and the sanctity of human life. The display of unity and strength was a testament to the unwavering support for Israel and the fight against terrorism.

During the event, one speaker emphasized the importance of clear priorities, stating that the primary objectives should be to release the captives, bring the murderers and rapists to justice, and ultimately liberate Gaza and Israel from the control of Hamas. The speaker’s words echoed the sentiments of many in attendance, who were passionate about achieving these goals and bringing about a resolution to the ongoing conflict.

During the event, one of the speakers stated that it is our responsibility to turn the phrase “never again” from a mere slogan to a reality.

A massive gathering filled the streets of Mineola, Long Island, as people prayed for peace for the Palestinians in Gaza. The atmosphere was solemn and reverent as the crowd gathered, united in their shared hope for an end to the conflict and a brighter future for the people of Gaza. Despite the distance separating them, the people of Mineola showed their solidarity with the Palestinians, standing together in a powerful display of compassion and empathy. Their message was clear: peace and justice must prevail.

According to Najla El-Temawi Khass, who has relatives living in Gaza, the continuous bombing and violence inflicted upon them has left them with nowhere to turn. The situation in Gaza has become dire, with a lack of basic necessities such as water, electricity, and internet. Najla expresses her distress at not being able to communicate with her family and calls the situation inhumane.

According to Abdul Aziz Bhuiyan, Chairman of Hillside Islamic Center, it is imperative that an instant ceasefire is implemented, the blockade of Gaza is lifted, and a sincere attempt is made towards achieving a fair and long-lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

On Staten Island, people who support Israel prayed for the soldiers on the front lines and the hostages taken by Hamas last week.

Scott Mora, the CEO of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, expressed his view, saying, “The atrocities that occurred are undeniable. They displayed them for all to see. We cannot dispute the fact that this was pure evil.”

Barouk Malah, a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, shared his heartache for his compatriots in his home country, saying, “We hope they take action, complete their mission, and free our hostages.”

In the evening, another vigil took place in Flushing, Queens. New Yorkers from various synagogues in the borough grieved for the deceased and the injured, their thoughts with their families and friends.

Rabbi Hillel Lavery-Yisraeli expressed the sentiments of the people in the room, stating, “For me and for the majority in this gathering, the world shattered into pieces eight days ago on a Saturday morning.”

Emotions run high, and hearts bear the weight of a profound yearning for liberty, justice, peace, and humanity for all.

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