Denver Dog Parks Your Dog Will Love

If you enjoy traveling to destinations with your family but hate the thought of keeping your well-behaved dog on a leash the entire time, you’re not alone. Fortunately for you, the city of Denver loves dogs. If you live or are visiting the Denver area, rest assured that there are plenty of wonderful Denver dog parks for your beloved pooch to exercise and meet new friends at. You’ll even enjoy them too!

Be sure to check out our round up of best dog parks across the United States. There are some special places to bring your furry friend when you travel. Some are even worth a trip just for the dog park.

Ready to play!

Cherry Creek State Park

The massive Cherry Creek State Park covers over 4,000 acres and is open year-round. The park also has an off-leash play area for dogs, where they can scope out over 107 acres of fenced-in property. There’s also the convenience of Cherry Creek that flows through the park, providing your dog with plenty of water. It is important for you to know that the park does require a day pass to be purchased during your visit.

Bicentennial Park

The Bicentennial Park offers close to nearly an acre of fenced-in play space that doesn’t require your dog to be on a leash. You’ll also find a bag station along with trash cans there. The entry is located just to the north of the pond.

Forsberg Park

With a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance, Forsberg Park of Lakewood shares its beauty along with plenty of fenced-in space for your beloved canine. There are two sections separate from one another that are available depending on the temperance of your dog. You’ll find shaded trees, water, and picnic tables, along with paved walking trails for you to explore.

What better way to enjoy a summer day than with play at a dog park!

Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park

Just to the Northeast of Denver, you’ll find Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park that’s situated in a nice and quiet neighborhood. The park has basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, along with a pool, picnic tables, and playground area. The fenced-in dog park has two separate play areas for large and smaller dogs and the convenience of a covered sitting area for people.

Tony Grampsas Dog Park

Located in Golden, Colorado, Tony Grampsas Dog Park is unique and unlike any others on our list. Your dog will be barking about this park for quite some time after your visit. The 2.5 acres wooded and fenced-in park has trails for exploring and plenty of grass and shade for your dog. Just be sure to bring your own water. You’ll find the entrance to the park just past the ballfields.

Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park

The Westminster Hills Off-leash Dog Park offers beautiful scenery and is a personal favorite of many Denver dog owners living in the area. There’s over 420 acres of open space, a dog drinking fountain, plenty of shade, benches, and even a dog swimming pool. This park is only partially fenced in, so it’s important for you to be confident that your dog will listen to your commands.

The city of Denver has dozens of dog parks that are ideal for wearing off your dog’s never-ending pent-up energy, though these are a few of the best that you’ll find. If you live in the area or have visited any other of Denver’s dog parks, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below!

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