Rhode Island Residents Can Receive Up To $2,500 For Free — Here’s How!

wagswoofs – Thousands of fortunate Americans have the opportunity to receive free money as the treasury of a particular state embraces the holiday spirit.

Starting this week, around 9,000 residents in Rhode Island can expect to find some extra cash in their mailboxes. The state is urging its residents to check their mail as they will be receiving a monetary benefit.

Earlier this week, Rhode Island General Treasurer James A. Diossa made an exciting announcement. He revealed that a staggering amount of over $2.4 million in unclaimed property funds will soon be returned to the rightful residents. This news brings a sense of relief and anticipation as individuals eagerly await the arrival of these long-lost funds.

An additional $16.6 million has already been distributed this year.

Starting this week, residents who have unclaimed property funds can expect to receive checks of up to $2,500.

“The holiday season is a time for giving back, and my team has worked tirelessly to ensure that unclaimed property is packaged and delivered to numerous households throughout the Ocean State,” stated Diossa.

“By returning money to the people of Rhode Island, we can contribute to the growth of our state’s economy, which is particularly crucial during this time of the year.”

“I can’t wait for people to receive the surprise of unclaimed property this December!”

The Treasurer’s office is responsible for reclaiming cash and assets that have been left unclaimed. This includes funds from banks, landlords, businesses, safe deposit boxes, and utility companies.

If your landlord did not give back your security deposit for a rental, it would be classified as unclaimed property funds.

The treasury safeguards this money until it is eventually disbursed to its rightful owner.

Rhode Islanders can easily check if they have any unclaimed property by visiting the Treasury website FindRIMoney.com.

To determine if there are any funds owed to you, the website will request your full name or the name of your business. It will then search the database for any pending payments.

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The website claims to have already assisted in returning over $295.6 million to residents of Rhode Island.




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