Dog Parks Colorado Springs: Where Pup Can Romp

Our puppy loves to run and play. She is full of energy and really needs her exercise. So, finding good dog parks is always a goal when we travel with her. Colorado Springs boasts possibly the largest dog park that we’ve yet visited. Let us tell you about that one, as well as other dog parks in Colorado Springs.

We were very surprised how dog friendly Colorado Springs is. Dogs are allowed at many of the area’s attractions, on Colorado Springs hiking trails and even on restaurant patios. Our puppy didn’t leave our side during our entire visit. So, it should be no surprise that they have one of the best dog parks around.

A water bowl awaits thirsty dogs at the entrance to the very large Bear Creek Dog Park in Colorado Springs.

Bear Creek Dog Park

This fenced off-leash dog park is a whopping 25 acres! There are a handful of entrances at Bear Creek Dog Park, with a watering station right by the main entrance. A second, smaller fenced area at the main entrance offers a less intimidating or active play area for smaller and older dogs. The park has a main walking loop that is just under a mile long, and several other trails. Though your dog is likely to just run wherever their nose or the other dogs take them. A small creek offers the opportunity for your dog to cool down, romp and get dirty. There’s even a fenced agility training area.

Because it is so large, there can be a lot of dogs in the park. Our puppy didn’t know what to think about that. She found it very difficult to choose which dogs to play with and she tired herself out quite quickly.

Hiking at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods Park

This is a beautiful area with lots of different trails of varying ability. Dogs are welcome on these trails on leash. Though apparently dog is a loose definition as we did also see two rescue wolves hiking here (on leash).

We didn’t venture into this area. But apparently there is also one designated area where dogs can run unleashed; south of Gateway Road, West of 30th Street, and east of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

Dog parents will also enjoy exploring the many hiking trails at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

There are a handful of trails at Red Rock Canyon Open Space varying in length from a short one mile up to almost four miles. Originally the property was almost 800 acres. But recent purchases of White Acres and Section 16 have expanded the total area to almost 1500. acres. This added Palmer Red Rock Loop Trail into Red Rock Canyon Open Space adding several new hiking trails. Of these hiking trails, two are even off leash friendly for dogs.

There’s nothing better than finding a great place for your dog to play and run off leash. Colorado Springs is home to some great dog parks offering just this.

Palmer Park

Centrally located, Palmer Park actually has two dog friendly areas. One is a fenced in dog park where dogs can run and play while owners rest on benches. There are water fountains for thirsty pups. We didn’t visit this park. It doesn’t get great ratings due to there not being much grass, more dirt, apparently a lack of picking up poop as well as overall supervision.

Instead you might hit the trails here which have great views of Pikes Peak. The Mesa Trail/ Yucca Trail complex on top of one of the mesas includes a couple of miles of open trails where many dogs can walk, hike and play off leash.

Rampart Dog Park

This is a large fenced off leash dog park. There’s water available for the pups. And, we hear that generally the pet owners here are responsible. Though not enforced, the park officially does not allow intact dogs and has signage saying so. Also, not a bad view!

Pup Pub in Colorado Springs is a unique restaurant where dogs are welcomed both inside and out. You order at the counter and then find a table, or hang out in the fenced dog park.

Pub Dog Colorado

Technically a restaurant, not a dog park. But a restaurant with a dog park. This is a very cool concept. But it may not be right for rural dogs (like ours) who are used to running fast and far. The upside is that you get to have have a meal and drink while your pup can play in the enclosed dog park. Oh, and there’s also a dog menu. You can order food for your pup too!

The enclosure is fairly small so a dog who wants to run isn’t going to have a lot of space. But for an urban dog who doesn’t get off leash much, I bet it is awesome.

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