Donald Trump Eldest Sister Found Dead In Her Manhattan Home

Wagswoofs – According to reports from both The New York Times and ABC News, Maryanne Trump Barry, the eldest sister of Donald Trump and a former federal judge, passed away at the age of 86 in her New York City home on Monday morning.

According to sources cited by ABC, first responders were dispatched to her Fifth Avenue residence at approximately 4 a.m. after receiving a call about an individual experiencing cardiac arrest. While authorities have not disclosed the cause of death, there were no indications of foul play or physical trauma.

Barry was receiving hospice care due to his battle with cancer. The Daily Beast’s inquiry to the office of New York City’s medical examiner went unanswered.

As of Monday afternoon, there had been no public statement made by the 77-year-old Trump.

In 2020, a recording of Barry went viral where she criticized her brother and his supporters for their lack of principles. Despite this, she has also been a protector of her younger brother in the past.

Mary Trump, the niece of Barry and former President Trump, leaked a recording that shed light on the alleged schemes to deny her rightful inheritance. In addition to the recording, Mary also published a book that revealed the financial aspects of the Trump family, which was highly critical of Barry and the former president.

Barry is the third sibling of Trump to pass away. His younger brother, Robert Trump, passed away in 2020 at the age of 71. Fred Trump Jr. passed away due to a heart attack in 1981 when he was only 42 years old. Elizabeth Trump Grau, who is 81 years old, is the only living sibling of Trump.

In 2019, Judge Barry retired from her position as a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Her retirement came amidst a judicial conduct inquiry that investigated her suspected involvement in potential tax fraud on behalf of her family.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the bench in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Later, in 1999, she was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Barry had her only child with her first husband, David Desmond. However, their marriage ended in 1980. Two years later, she tied the knot with John Barry, a trial and appellate lawyer. They remained life partners until his passing in 2000 at the age of 60.

According to sources cited by the Times, while Trump’s sister has spoken unkindly of him on occasion, he values her opinions more than those of most people close to him. However, it remains unclear whether the public release of the recording featuring Barry has caused any tension between the siblings.

“He doesn’t have any principles. None. Not a single one,” she stated in the recording that took place in 2018 while Trump was in charge of a policy that caused migrant children to be separated from their parents at the southern border. “It’s all a facade, and it’s all incredibly cruel. Donald is a cruel individual.”

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