Donna, Travis Kelce’s Mom, Reveals What Taylor Swift Asked Her During the Chiefs Game

The inquiry was merely phrased as a question with a trailing ellipsis, leaving room for interpretation and further discussion.

During two consecutive weekends of Kansas City Chiefs football, Taylor Swift was spotted hitting it off with Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna, and the whole world saw it. Now, Mama Kelce has revealed what the famous pair was discussing while watching the handsome athlete in action. According to Donna, Taylor and she were engaged in a conversation about music and the industry, which was something they both had in common. The meeting was a pleasant one, and Taylor was extremely down-to-earth and friendly, making it an enjoyable experience for both of them.

When Donna and Taylor’s viral clip from Arrowhead Stadium made the rounds on social media, news anchor Craig Melvin couldn’t resist asking Donna about it during his guest appearance on the third hour of TODAY. He inquired about what the two were chatting about in the VIP suite on Sunday night, September 24th.

Amidst laughter from the four co-hosts, the mother of two, jokingly exclaimed, “I’ll never tell you!”, as reported by OK Magazine.

Donna revealed that after playfully teasing Taylor Swift with her sarcastic humor, she actually found out that Taylor had a genuine interest in football and had asked her a question related to the sport. This information was shared by Donna in reference to a recent interview where Taylor had mentioned her newfound love for football and her admiration for athlete Travis Kelce. The interaction between Donna and Taylor highlights the fact that even celebrities have varied interests and can surprise us with their knowledge and curiosity.

Donna shared her experience of watching her sons, Travis and Jason, play against each other in the Super Bowl last year. She recalled the moment when the commercial break was over, and the commercial people in orange gloves left the field, allowing the game to resume. “You know what it was? I was talking about this,” she explained, “when they go like this, the commercial’s over and they can play again.” Despite the intensity of the game and the strong sibling rivalry, Donna found humor in the situation and shared it with others.

As we spoke, she animatedly recreated the gestures made by the referees that she had just described to me. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and I found myself captivated by her vivid retelling of the events.

Donna opened up about her chat with the famous “Bad Blood” singer, but when it came to her youngest son’s romantic involvement with the star, she remained tight-lipped. Recently, there have been rumors about the budding relationship between the two, but Donna refrained from disclosing any details on the matter. According to an article on OK! Magazine, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole has also been linked to the pop star.

In a recent segment of TODAY, Donna joined Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie for a conversation about her newfound fame following the media frenzy surrounding Travis and Taylor’s alleged relationship.

As previously reported by OK! Magazine, Donna described her meeting with the “Love Story” singer as simply “OK”. Both she and Taylor cheered on Travis together for two weekends in a row.

Despite rumors circulating about her relationship with Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift chose to remain tight-lipped and refused to confirm anything. In fact, she even admitted that the whole thing was too new to even discuss. As much as fans wanted to know more, Swift kept her private life private and didn’t give in to the pressure of confirming or denying anything.

Donna hesitated to discuss the matter, as it was a situation where she was seen by everyone and it had intensified her life. “It’s just one of those things,” she said, without giving in to the fans’ curiosity and revealing the details they were hoping for.

According to a reliable source, Donna may have appeared shy in the limelight, but she has a soft spot for Taylor and finds her charming and grounded. As a loving mother, she has nothing but kind words to say about Taylor’s sweet and down-to-earth personality. The source revealed that Donna is a big fan of Taylor’s and admires her for being genuine and humble despite her massive success.

According to another insider, Taylor is optimistic about her newfound love interest, the two-time Super Bowl Champion, and has high expectations for their relationship.

According to a source, Taylor Swift is taking her relationship with her new beau day by day, but she is optimistic about the future. She is fond of the fact that he is a regular, kind-hearted guy who remains grounded and unfazed by his fame. This is in stark contrast to Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, who allegedly had a hard time accepting her celebrity status.

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