Employees Rescue Lost Beagle In N.Y.C. Subway, Reunite Him With Family After Finding Him Distressed And Crying

Wagswoofs – Blue, a beagle, was reunited with his family after getting lost in a New York City subway station. The MTA employee who came across the frightened dog played a crucial role in the heartwarming reunion.

James Dineen, a painter for the MTA, recounts his experience at the Bay 50th Street station in Brooklyn. As he stood near the end of a southbound D train platform, a dog suddenly approached him, running with excitement.

The man initially assumed that the beagle belonged to the two women seated on a nearby bench. However, as he crouched down to interact with the dog, he noticed that it was wearing a harness but had no leash and appeared to be frightened, trembling, and in distress.

Upon informing the women that the dog should have been on a leash, they made it clear that they were not the owners. This prompted him to take action.

Dineen recalls feeling a strong sense of responsibility, knowing that she couldn’t simply abandon the dog in that situation.

He introduced the beagle to his co-workers, and the adorable pup quickly made a bunch of new friends.

“There are 40 guys in my shop, and this dog developed a strong bond with each and every one of them,” he expresses. “I mean, he was enthusiastically darting around like a newborn puppy, engaging with everyone, weaving through feet, and joyfully rolling on his belly. He exuded immense happiness. It seemed as though he instinctively understood that he was surrounded by individuals whom he could rely on.”

According to the witness, he describes the dog as incredibly affectionate and expresses, “This dog was so lovable. He was starving, thirsty. He just kept devouring everything in sight. I can’t even begin to guess how long he had been out there.”

Upon discovering the beagle, he and his colleagues promptly brought the dog to the police to scan for a microchip. Although they were able to obtain a chip number, there was no registered owner linked to it.

One of Dineen’s colleagues, Tommy Sommo, took Blue home for the night. However, Sommo was already occupied with two other dogs, including a recently adopted pooch.

They posted on a Facebook page called “Lost Pets of Brooklyn” and took turns looking after the beagle for the following days.

Dineen’s friend, Shawn Fallon, received a call from Blue’s owners after taking the dog home, prompted by the social media post.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is an essential organization responsible for managing and operating public transportation systems in the New York City area.

They brought the dog to another veterinarian to scan his chip, and this time it matched with the owners. Blue’s family members were overjoyed to reunite with their lost companion. It was at this moment that the MTA employees discovered Blue’s name.

Dineen expressed how touching the situation was to them. They shared that their own dog had passed away just a year ago, and the dog in the picture was of the same size. Dineen emphasized the deep desire to have their lost pet back, as losing an animal can cause a great deal of emotional distress and disruption in one’s life.

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