Eric Adams Says God Gave Him A Message That Would Greatly Upset Atheist Activists

Wagswoofs – One of the most perplexing contradictions in today’s political landscape is the undeniable truth that New York Mayor Eric Adams, a self-proclaimed progressive Democrat, is one of the most vocal advocates for preserving our individual and collective faith in America.

Just nine months ago, Mr. Adams captured the attention of the nation when he made a series of controversial statements that ignited the ire of atheist activists and left both political parties surprised. His declarations centered around the significance of God, faith, and the need to uphold the separation of church and state.

“It’s hard to believe that we continue to ignore the fact that this country is built on faith,” he passionately expressed at an interfaith prayer event in March. He went on to deliver a striking statement, saying, “The removal of prayers from schools has coincided with the rise of guns in schools.”

Mr. Adams expressed his concerns about the detrimental impact on young individuals and society due to the excessive emphasis on church-state separation, which has resulted in the erosion of moral values.

“According to Mr. Adams, the state can be likened to the body, while the church represents the heart. He emphasizes that removing the heart from the body would result in the body’s demise.”

The mayor faced intense backlash and criticism for his strong pro-faith stance, with many expecting him to retreat and distance himself from his religious rhetoric. It seemed as though he would lay low until the secular community’s outrage subsided, returning to his usual image as a conventional progressive politician who didn’t openly emphasize the significance of spirituality.

On December 1, Mr. Adams surprised many by making a captivating choice: he participated in a momentous gathering in Brooklyn with Christian leaders and the Promise Keepers. This organization is dedicated to strengthening the faith of men.

As someone who participated in the event, I was genuinely taken aback by Mr. Adams’ openness in discussing his faith. What surprised me even more was his unwavering commitment to his beliefs, despite knowing that they might have caused him to face opposition from within his own political party.

Standing alongside Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, Mr. Adams addressed the enthusiastic crowd, recounting a remarkable experience he had years ago. He shared how God had personally conveyed a message to him, foretelling his future as the mayor, even though he initially believed it to be an impossible feat.

“How does someone like me, who grew up in a public school, faced struggles with dyslexia, and even got arrested at the age of 15 along with my brother, manage to go from being rejected to being elected as the mayor of New York City?” Mr. Adams reflected on his journey.

Reflecting on his past, Mr. Adams confidently stated that he acknowledges God as both his creator and his sustainer. The fact that he claims to have received a prophetic message is certainly intriguing. However, beyond these personal anecdotes, the politician revealed that God has recently called upon him to openly express his faith.

Mr. Adams remembered hearing a voice urging him to talk about God. He reflected on the strong backlash he faced for his fervent faith. When he boldly declared that it was time to pray regardless of what others said, he faced criticism from numerous national outlets.

Mr. Adams remains undeterred by these critiques, asserting that they fail to recognize the undeniable presence of faith in our culture.

“Why is it that we have ‘In God we trust’ on our dollar bill? Why do we say, ‘So help me God’ after being elected? And why, when you were sworn in as a citizen in this country, do your last words have to be ‘So help me God?'” he mused. “Moreover, why is it that every president places their hand on a religious book during their inauguration, yet nowadays we seem to shy away from discussing God?”

Mr. Adams hits the nail on the head when he mentions the concept of “fear.” Nowadays, many individuals are either afraid or indifferent towards matters of faith and the timeless principles found in the Bible. It is disheartening to see how our society is paying a heavy price for turning away from God, as Mr. Adams sorrowfully acknowledges.

In a fascinating African tribe, the customary way of greeting does not involve asking “How are you?” Instead, they inquire about the well-being of the children. This simple question holds profound significance as it reflects not just the present state, but also the path we are heading towards.

In his evaluation, Mr. Adams presented a somber outlook on the state of America’s youth. He highlighted concerning issues such as elevated levels of depression, thoughts of self-harm, drug abuse, and an excessive preoccupation with social media. It appears that the well-being of our younger generation is not thriving as we would hope.

It is evident to anyone who is observant that Mr. Adams is indeed correct. Nowadays, young individuals are facing numerous challenges and obstacles. It is disheartening to witness how our society promotes the false notion that both young people and adults can discover fulfillment and truth solely within themselves, without acknowledging the importance of their Creator.

The mayor, to the delight of the audience, unequivocally stated that he has no intention of refraining from discussing faith. While I cannot speculate on Mr. Adams’ personal beliefs, it is refreshing to see a politician who is willing to acknowledge the harsh realities that arise from society’s neglect of faith.

Mr. Adams should be given great credit for not only bringing attention to these issues but also for discussing the importance of turning to God in order to preserve and even rescue lives, despite my political differences with him.

In an exceptionally secular city, he is fearlessly making such proclamations and attending events like this, despite the potential lack of political expediency. It is our hope that more leaders will follow his example, rising above political considerations and boldly speaking the truth, as it is something we urgently need.

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