Exclusive: Teen jumps into Manhattan’s East River, family keeps vigil as they are swept away

On Sunday, the lower Manhattan waterfront was being watched over by the great-aunt of a teenager who had jumped in the East River. The police divers were conducting their search for the missing boy, and it was the third day of their efforts. The atmosphere was somber and sad as the family continued to wait for any news on the fate of their loved one.

According to Alena Godfrey, a 60-year-old woman, her grandnephew Kavion Brown, who is just 13 years old, was encouraged by his friends to jump on Friday as part of a dare.

According to Godfrey, it is crucial for authorities to delve into social media platforms and schools to uncover the individuals who associated with the suspect. He emphasized that many kids allegedly accompanied the suspect and urged officials to investigate this matter further.

On Friday afternoon, Kavion bravely took a plunge into the water near E. 6th St. at East River Park. Despite search efforts that involved the NYPD Harbor Unit, boats, and divers, as well as an Aviation Unit chopper, the young boy has yet to be found as of Sunday.

According to Godfrey, the individual removed his clothing and was left in his basketball shorts before entering the water. However, he didn’t resurface after going in.

Standing watch by the river in Midtown, Godfrey was there at the request of Kavion’s grandmother, who happens to be her sister, in case the police pull his body from the water.

As the soccer game was in full swing on a nearby field, an NYPD patrol car was parked on the pedestrian walkway, surrounded by joggers and individuals with fishing poles.

Godfrey kept a close eye on the scuba divers as she began her vigil on Saturday. She watched them intently and continued to do so until the sun began to set. Realizing that there wasn’t much more they could do, she headed home for the night. The following morning, she resumed her watch and maintained the same routine as the previous day.

On Sunday, the divers combed through the water during low tide to search for any clues or evidence.

She expressed concern about the water and fences, calling them a death trap. She has spoken to the responsible individuals about the issue, urging them to take action.

As someone who frequents the parks in Manhattan, Sergio Perryman, 32, knows that the water can often appear safe even when it’s not.

He warned that falling into such a situation could be quite challenging. The visibility is limited to just a few inches, and there’s no way of knowing what sort of debris or obstacles are lurking underneath the surface. To make matters worse, there are hardly any escape routes available in such scenarios.

According to Godfrey, Kavion was the eldest of four brothers and a typical teenager who loved sports.

“He’s just like any other kid,” she said. “He’s passionate about sports, particularly basketball. He enjoys playing with his siblings and attending school regularly.”

She said that she started high school this fall, and her name is Kavion.

“He enjoys listening to music and playing video games, which he absolutely loves. Although he is a quiet child, he is not a street child. As his mother explains, their family is tightly-knit and they do everything together.”

According to a source close to him, his family and parents are very involved in his life and constantly encourage him to enjoy his childhood. They make sure to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Halloween every year, and take him to various amusement parks and outdoor activities. In addition, they also enjoy go-kart riding and laser tag together as a family.

“She added that it’s crucial to find out what happened. Her sister is determined and won’t let go until she knows what happened to her grandson,” she said.

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