Fact Check: Trump’s ‘Violent Thugs’ Storm His NYC Courtroom, Leaving ‘Many Injured’?


According to a YouTube video, a group of violent protesters who were in favor of former U.S. President Donald Trump stormed a courthouse in New York City during his fraud trial on October 2, 2023. The accuracy of this report is noteworthy and deserves attention.


This rating has been deemed false according to the source (source).

Back in Oct. 2, 2023, an intriguing YouTube video was shared on Christo Aivalis’ channel. It was titled “Trump VIOLENT THUGS STORM New York COURTROOM, Many INJURED.” The said video sparked curiosity and concern among viewers, prompting at least one reader to reach out to us to check if the rumor was true or not.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and his attorneys had just arrived in a Manhattan courtroom for the opening of a no-jury fraud trial when the video was posted. According to The Associated Press, the $250 million civil lawsuit against Trump could potentially result in him losing control of Trump Tower and other valuable properties.

According to the title of the video on YouTube, there was a supposed disturbing incident where Trump supporters who were protesting violently managed to breach the security personnel and gain access to the courtroom where the former president was present, facing the prosecution.

Upon thorough investigation, we have not come across any instances of physical altercations or violent behavior within the courtroom.

According to a report by Gothamist.com, the crowds outside remained well-behaved and did not cause any major disruptions.

We reached out to the New York State Unified Court System via email to inquire about the validity of the allegation that violence occurred in the courtroom where Trump was present, and whether there were any reported injuries in connection with the incident.

Lucian Chalfen, who is the director of public information for the NYS Office of Court Administration, responded with a simple answer – “no”.

Aivalis’ YouTube channel has recently come under scrutiny for posting videos with misleading titles. Several videos on the channel have titles that seem to be untrue, such as “Trump KICKED OUT OF COURT by FURIOUS JUDGE Seconds Ago!!,” “Kevin McCarthy PUNCHES Matt Gaetz IN THE FACE On Camera, BLOOD EVERYWHERE” and “Ivanka Trump ARRESTED in SURPRISE MIDNIGHT RAID.”

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