Falling Tree Destroyed Bed-stuy Home; The Homeowner Claims Says She Called 311 About The Tree Months Ago

Wagswoofs – On Monday morning, a powerful gust of wind resulted in a tree crashing into a residence in Bed-Stuy, causing extensive damage.

Around 7 a.m., residents of the home on Halsey Street were startled by a loud boom. The source of the noise was quickly discovered—a tree had violently collapsed in the yard behind them. To their astonishment, it had landed inside their bathroom, causing significant damage. The weight of the fallen tree had also inflicted harm upon a bedroom located on a separate floor.

“I’m still in shock,” said Vee Lewis, who resides at the residence with her husband. The incident has left her shaken and deeply unsettled.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident. However, the extent of the damage is quite alarming. The meeting point of the ceiling and wall reveals a large hole, and the wall itself is collapsing. Additionally, the bedroom floor is now scattered with debris and bricks.

Lewis expressed her frustration with the situation. In September, she took the initiative to report the tree to 311 due to concerns about its deterioration and potential hazard. However, she was disappointed when she was informed by the NYC Parks Department that they couldn’t address the issue because the tree was located in a private yard, falling outside their jurisdiction.

According to Lewis, if they had been able to take action and make a difference, the current problem wouldn’t exist.

With Christmas just days away, she and her family find themselves with a home that has been left in ruins. The Department of Buildings has arrived at the scene to evaluate the extent of the damage.

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