Family Continues Search For Woman Who Vanished In New Jersey Shortly After Christmas 2020

Wagswoofs – The residents of Newark, New Jersey are still puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of Tyshareen Budale, a 27-year-old resident. Since her sudden vanishing act after Christmas in 2020, her family and the local community have been filled with questions and are desperately searching for any clues.

The Last Known Sighting of Tyshareen

Tyshareen was last seen on December 26, 2020, in the area of South 15th Street in Newark. She appeared to be in good spirits, eagerly looking forward to the upcoming New Year celebrations with her father. However, the excitement of the festive season quickly turned into worry and bewilderment when she mysteriously vanished, leaving behind no trace of where she might be.

A Mysterious Case Uncovered

Tyshareen’s disappearance holds immense importance, yet it has remained largely unnoticed by the media, leaving numerous aspects of the case concealed. The authorities in Newark have been relentless in their pursuit, reaching out to the public for any information that could shed light on this baffling mystery. These endeavors emphasize the crucial role community involvement plays in unraveling this perplexing case.

Delayed Reporting and Unanswered Questions

The mystery surrounding Tyshareen deepens as it was only reported nearly a month after she was last seen, with the report filed on January 23, 2021. What adds to the puzzle is that her car was found undamaged, indicating a sudden departure without a clear purpose. Limited information is available about her personal and professional life, but her sudden absence from social media, where she used to be active, raises additional queries. Despite attempts to trace her online activities, no progress has been made thus far.

Description and Distinct Features

Tyshareen disappeared when she was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed between 170 to 180 pounds. Her medium-brown skin tone and various colored wigs make her easily recognizable. Tyshareen’s distinctive features include brown eyes and a heart-shaped tattoo on her chest. She is also known by the nicknames “Dymo” and “Musha.”

A Plea for Crucial Information

The Newark Police Department Special Victims Unit and the entire community are reaching out to the public for any valuable leads that could potentially uncover the truth behind Tyshareen’s disappearance. They strongly urge anyone who possesses information to promptly get in touch with them at (973) 733-6277 or the 24-hour Crime Stopper tip line at 1-877-NWK-TIPS (1-877-695-8477). It is important to reference the case number C21003399 when providing information. Rest assured, tips can be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers, and there may even be a reward for any details that lead to her safe return.

A Community’s Hope for Closure

The story of Tyshareen Budale serves as a powerful reminder of the unexpected mysteries that can shatter lives and communities. In Newark, the search for Tyshareen continues, and finding her and providing closure for her loved ones remains a top priority. Her family, friends, and the entire community cling to the hope that answers will emerge, shedding light on this unresolved enigma.

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