Family Credits Stranger For Rescuing Woman From A Fire

Wagswoofs – The actions of a total stranger are being credited with potentially saving the life of an 84-year-old woman during a fire on Saturday morning in Virginia Beach. Family members are expressing their gratitude for the heroic act.

When we spoke with the family members, they shared that this is the moment when an unfamiliar person appeared. They mentioned that this individual’s family resides in the same neighborhood, which is why he drove over after noticing the smoke, to ensure that it wasn’t their own home. However, even though he had no connection to the family whose house was engulfed in flames, they revealed that he courageously entered the burning building and saved the 84-year-old woman.

Kerry Moncure, along with her husband, witnessed the entire incident unfold right across the street from their home.

Moncure expressed her amazement at the sight, describing it as “phenomenal”. She marveled at the firefighters’ ability to rescue the person amidst the thick smoke. The intensity of the situation was evident with the presence of dense, black smoke, which made her wonder how anyone could have managed to breathe in such conditions.

The middle-aged man was treated for smoke inhalation by the firefighters, as confirmed by the family. However, they were unable to meet him or obtain his name at that time. With the assistance of a fire marshal, they were able to finally meet the man on Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, their mother is still in the hospital receiving treatment for smoke inhalation and burns. The family remains hopeful that she will recover.

According to one neighbor, there were difficulties experienced by some bystanders in reaching 911. It was reported that they were unable to connect with the dispatchers and instead received a recorded message instructing them to call back. However, despite these challenges, firefighters acted promptly, as confirmed by witnesses from the neighborhood.

The Virginia Beach Fire Department is currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the fire. At this time, no updates regarding the origin of the fire have been provided.

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