Family demands answers after woman discovered dead in hospital stairwell 5 days after falling

Residents of a Bronx community are calling for justice and accountability in the tragic death of a woman at the Montefiore Family Health Center. The incident has left many saddened and concerned about the safety of the facility. The community is seeking answers and transparency in the investigation of this unfortunate event.

According to investigators, Sary Mao, a 57-year-old woman, had a tragic fall in the stairwell of the facility located at 1 Fordham Plaza on August 16th. However, her body remained undiscovered for five long days. The nonprofit organization, Mekong NYC, held a rally on Wednesday and shared that the facility’s staff was alerted to the presence of a foul smell, which led them to the stairwell where Mao’s body was found.

Khamarin Nhann from Mekong NYC expressed that there are numerous questions and uncertainties surrounding the incident. The lack of answers has left them and the family deeply concerned, and they are eager to understand how such a tragedy could occur.

According to Mao’s sister, Sopath Mao, Mao was a loving person. The past month without her sister has been extremely difficult for her and has left her feeling heartbroken.

Sopath expressed his frustration with a heavy heart, stating that the news of her passing came as a complete shock to him. He yearned for a glimmer of hope, someone to inform them of her well-being, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Mekong NYC’s staff recently reached out to Montefiore with a letter inquiring about the facility’s security patrol protocols within the building.

The health center’s representative issued a statement, which read:

According to a Montefiore spokesperson, the facility in question is not owned or operated by Montefiore. However, they have been in contact with the management company and owners of the building to gain a better understanding of the events surrounding Ms. Mao’s departure from the facility.

As per the information available on the website of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, the building where Montefiore’s health center is located is managed by ‘One Fordham Plaza, LLC’. Several businesses operate from this building. However, when PIX11 tried to obtain a statement regarding the matter, a staff member abruptly ended the call without addressing any of our questions.

PIX11 was informed by organizers that Mao resided at a Catholic Charities group home before her untimely passing. It was revealed that the NYPD was not notified of her disappearance, despite being missing for five days. We reached out to Catholic Charities for their procedures on missing residents, but did not receive a response to our inquiry.

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